Prediction and Safety Preventions


Anything that can be predicted can be prevented,” said Dr Bernard Yeo at his UCM Human Profiling Convention 2014 seminar on 4 January 2014. I attended Dr Bernard’s seminar at his invitation (as a VVIP guest according to him) and have no regret taking the time to support him. I’m also grateful to Dr Bernard for mentioning my name and the success of my book sales (thanks to the thousands of supporters who bought my book so far). I was on the receiving end, and it shows that though we’re sharing our profiling researches differently, we still uphold the receiving-giving friendship bond.

nlp_eonWhen Dr Bernard mentioned the NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) in his UCM method, I recalled posting an earlier article “NLP + EON = Enriching Goals“ where I mentioned how we can complement NLP and EON methods for human behavioural and personality profiling. Dr Bernard mentioned the five senses used in NLP, and its association of the senses (to the Five Elements and body organs) for characteristic identification. It reinforce my observations that no matter what numerology profiling methods we use, there is a need to incorporate the Five Elements features to identify more tendency signs. The Five Elements metaphors have always been the core essence of my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and I know many EON students are glad to learn them.

EON_Workshop_info1AIf time and budget allows, you may want to attend both UCM and EON courses as it helps you to understand human characters through different profiling techniques. I also noticed increasing Dr Bernard’s UCM students attended my recent EON workshops and buying my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to widen their profiling knowledge. There’s no “his method is better than mine, or mine is superior” in profiling techniques as all methods are applicable and works great within its own context. It all depends on your understanding and observations on the methods used, and it’s relevance in applying them. UCM and EON are complementary methods you can learn and use for self-awareness and personality profiling. That’s why I nodded my head positively when Dr Bernard said, “Anything that can be predicted can be prevented.”


OSHD2014LunchI attended the OSHD (Occupational Safety and Health Division, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore) lunch today (16 Jan 2014). I was one of the ‘FI (Factory Inspectorate) team member’ in the 80s.  In his presentation, the ‘Safety Chief‘ mentioned the number of eye-related injuries has risen last year. From EON perspective, I could easily correlate the tendency signs contributing to the increase. During break time, I spoke to the Chief on the increase in eye-related injuries from metaphysical viewpoint, and then told him there could be a possible increase in injuries from falling objects, or injuries from falling from height this year.  I could sense his apprehension and worrying look.  I then quoted Dr Bernard’s words “Anything that can be predicted can be prevented.”

Yes, there could be an increase in occupational injuries resulting from falling objects or falling from heights this year. But we can avoid (and prevent) it from happening through preventive measurements, safety talks, and eventually, through regular enforcements. PREVENTIONthat’s the keyword. And when everyone is consciously aware of possible safety hazards, company’s management can pro-actively take charge to ensure a better workplace safety and health environment for their employees, customers, and visitors.

YearEnergiesWe can also apply the EON method to forecast occupational safety and health areas. For example, we can look at last year 2013 number to identify possible increase in eye-related injuries. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), wind and fire (including Wood) are associated with the eyes. In EON, we associate the number 3 to Fire, and numbers 1 and 6 to Metal (wind).

Now, let’s use EON to look at this year 2014. We associate number 4 to Wood (like tall trees, wood materials, planks, wooden scaffoldings – height); and number 1 to Metal (like building/construction materials, tall buildings or structures, supporting metal frames, metal scaffoldings, or I-beams) . We associate numbers 2 and 7 to movement. Imagine this [2014=7; Movement of objects falling from height = people injury]. I’m also looking forward to share the EON observations on safety and health aspects to OSHD staff in the near future.

EON_WS0When we’re able to identify the tendency vibes that may arises based on the yearly numbers, we’re in better control to prevent the influences of the negative vibes from affecting us.  When we focus on the influencing vibes to specific areas like safety, we can better equip ourselves with proper safety equipment and accessories. With safety conscious efforts, we can create a safer working environment for everyone – in the office, at home, at the construction sites, in restaurant’s kitchens, or in the shipyards. By the way, the yearly vibes and safety predictions are ’global’ forecast, and may happen anywhere.

So, let’s all work towards a better and safer workplace environment for all, and take preventive measures to instil or inculcate the safety mindsets that safety starts with us first.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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