Comedian and Psychotic Traits


According to this “Your Favourite Comedians Might Have Psychotic Traits” article, there is a tendency professional comedians have traits linked to psychotic disorders. And from this link, we gathered that psychotic disorders are severe mental disorders that cause abnormal thinking and perceptions.

The first thing that comes to my mind is correlating Metal and Water elements present in a person’s EON chart. We can easily associate Metal to mental imaging, conceptualisation, beliefs, and worrying; and Water to fuzzy thoughts, ideals, and dreamy visions. In theory, this means the person’s EON chart must have strong presence of either (or both) Metal and Water elements.

SampleCharts_ComediansLet’s put the Metal and Water elements aside, and look at the primary characteristics that make up a good comedian. First, the person has to have flairs

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That’s Fire (numbers 3 and 8).

Now, let’s get back to the study on comedians linked to psychotic disorders traits. Could the positive qualities of the Metal, Water, and Fire making up the ideal characteristics of a comedian be also manifesting the negative vibes affecting their mental health?  After all, when we relook at the three elements and associate them to the EON traits, there are possible connections and tendencies that suggest the study made could be pointing in the right directions. Metal (mental worries), Water (thoughts and illusions), and Fire (tempers and anger) are three main attributes that we can easily linked to psychotic disorders.

Out of curiosity, I decided to do a search on the Internet for ‘comedian celebrities’, and quickly added their names into my EON (Android) software (see above screenshot) for review later. Not surprisingly, most of them do have numbers associated to the Metal and Water elements in their EON chart; and the funnier and ‘hot’ ones do have signs of Fire.

Does that mean those celebrities with these elements (especially Metal) present in their charts have higher tendency of having psychotic disorder than others?

UniversalPersonalWell, we cannot assume a person’s characteristics and traits just by looking at their birth or natal charts. It’s just a first-level interpretation of their personalities. We are all born with good-nature characteristics but it’s the external influence (environment, family upbringing, socials and life experiences) that may change a person’s behaviours and actions. Generally, you can identify these external influences from periodic charts like the Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day charts.

EON_Workshop_info1AYou need to create a multi-tier level of identification to determine the influences that may affect a person. For example, you can look at the interactions of the Universal and Personal vibes for possible influences and actions a person can do and may do in a particular time. You can check their Annual Code to identify tendency influences that may affect them in that year. And then you can advise the person on the possible influences on various life aspects, including health, career, wealth, relationships, and academics. You can learn these extended techniques at the EON Workshop sessions and future EON courses.

If you noticed a comedian’s EON chart does not have strong Fire presence, it doesn’t necessary means that they are less likely to have psychotic disorder, or at extreme end, have severe bipolar disorder. The influencing vibes can be present in their Personal Year charts. Eventually, to have (mental disorders) or not to have depends on the person’s choice, behaviours, and preventive actions.

EON_WS0The purpose of learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) is to allow you to learn and understand your true self. You learn to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You know what you should do and what you can do. You’ll also know what you should pick up (like good habits) and what you should get rid of (like old habits). Once you know all your attributes (good and bad), you can take charge to work out a life-changing plan to change your life towards a more positive outlook.

When you become more positive and enjoy life the way you want it, you have the means to influence others. And when you do, you’re helping them to enrich their lives too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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