Clothes make the man

This article is a follow-up to my earlier article “Women find men in red more appealing”. Does the colour of the clothes the man (and women) wear, makes a difference?

Yes, the clothes do transmit, emit and reflect the light energies of the specific colour. The energies reflected also depend on the material used for the clothes. Check this Wikipedia article for information on Colours.

Have you ever seen a person’s face looks redder than usual when he is wearing a striking red polo shirt? Or a person seems a little pale when they are wearing green shirt? The energies of the light (colour) do reflect on their face.

In simple terms, the colour of the light energies do manifest as well. It may influence your perception as well. Have you ever wondered why you don’t like to wear clothes of certain colours?

A few weeks ago, I was watching an episode of “American Funniest Video”. There was a black African man in the audience, wearing striking orange coat. The colour was so vibrant and it looks great on him, especially with his dark complexion. After the commercial break, the presenter was wearing the same orange coat. Somehow it doesn’t look great on him especially with his fair complexion. Again, the reflection of the colour does influence our perception.

Have you ever observed people’s mood and actions sometime changes depending on the colour of the clothes they wear? Yes, apart from water, light (colours) do influence our thoughts as well.

So, if you have a strong Fire element in your birth chart, wearing bright red-coloured clothes would further enhance the strong Fire element. In some way, the external light energies would radiates around you, influencing your thoughts and actions.

Now, does that mean you should stay away from red-coloured clothes if you have strong Fire element in your birth chart? Does that mean you must quit your current job if your uniform is red in colour?

The colour of the clothes you wear do influence you, but to a small extent. Don’t be so obsessed by changing your entire wardrobe to red-coloured clothes if you have weak Fire element. Exercise moderation, if you have a choice. As there is universal Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly numbers, the energies of the elements vary.

Researches and surveys are subjective. Not every woman finds men wearing red appealing. It is a perception of the mind, and does not necessary imply everyone will think alike. Some women would love men wearing black, white or any other colours. Most people (men and women) would go for inner character, appeal and traits for a long-term relationship. Maybe, the researchers were scripting the survey to identify what appeals to women when it comes to partying and socialising!

The colour of the clothes you wear does not matter in a relationship. Eventually, it is still your positive attitude, mind-set and good habits that matter most to your loved ones.

Regards, Ron


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