Subtle Changes, Major Differences

Yesterday (2nd Nov 2020), I decided to spend some time to redesign this web site, which has remained unchanged since I started in 2010.

I’d wanted to update the layout design without changing things too drastically, i.e., requiring a minimal need for me to modify the article postings and others. The previous design was outdated, with no modern features like responsive layout, better SEO features, etc.

Last week, I encountered various problems, including trying to login to this site, and the days’ troubleshooting it – the problem stayed. I’d enough, I told myself. CHANGE is what I require. I decided to apply the ADAPT method – it was fun and easy adapting the organisational change theory to personal change checklist, by listing to-do tasks in a structured and consistent manner. And the result? While the changes to the new design’s look and feel are subtle, it resolved many major issues I’d with the old design theme. It’s definitely creating happier moments for me.

The ADAPT theory is simple:

  • ACCEPT. We cannot control things beyond our means. The old design theme was outdated, and restrictive too. I’ve to admit the fact that I’m a CHANGE evangelist.
  • DEFINE. The problems were there, waiting for me to spend some time to identify them and noted it down.
  • ADJUST. Last week’s problems with login access, was the triggering point for me to reflect what’s needed for me to adapt to the new situation. That’s where the urge to redesign the site with a new theme, was strong. I can continue to share more insightful articles with you, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.
  • PLAN. With the subtle redesign of this site to a cleaner and responsive look, there’s the desire for me to lay the path forward. Besides changes and minor tweaks still to be done, there’ll be additional feature included. I can’t reveal much for now…
  • THRIVE. Yes, I’ve been thriving all these years, and shall always be. With the help of the FEON+ tool, I could observe, profile, and analyse charts from different fresh views. I’m making subtle change to the design layout of this site, by using creative ways to make the changes, based on my exposures and experiences. Everything you find out on this site, was single-handedly done by me. After all, if I don’t manage it, who will?

While in the midst of drafting this article, I was curious and plotted yesterday’s chart. Wow. It’s definitely a splitting day (2-2-2-2 in locations I-J-K-L) for me, to break away (criss-crossed 4-8-3 patterns) from the old norms, to the new normal. The multiple 3s are invoking my creative juice. And the end-result (6 in location R) was what I’d felt – the mental satisfaction, excitement, and happiness that I’ve made on the redesign.

In many ways, the periodic energies of the DAY CHART, was strongly influencing my views and actions. No wonder…

I hope you’ll stay to enjoy happier moments while visiting this site. You can read the latest posted articles to acquire more insights on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. You can click this link to buy my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Or you can click this link to purchase and register the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software to assist in your profiling analysis. The fact that you’re here, means you’re already one step towards achieving better learning experience.

Stay Safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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