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I observed another interesting search query on my site recently, and it’s about “remedy method.”

So today’s article is more on the availability of some remedy methods that I’m aware or have used personally, the philosophical aspects, my experience and observations, and my perspectives. So, read them with an open mind – laugh out loud (LOL) if you want to. After all, “laughter is the best medicine” to solve many emotional and temperamental issues today. Anyway, it’s always good to know of their existence. You may not need them right away, but it can come handy to know them today when you need them later.

It all depends on your outlook and perspectives when it comes to different remedy methods suggested by many metaphysics professionals. Even western doctors could prescribe different medications, depending on their knowledge and experience, and availability of the medicine at their clinics and hospitals. That is why it’s not unusual to hear people commenting that certain doctors are “no good” or the medicine they prescribed was not “effective” as another.

In any event, always seek a health professional when you are sick, and take your regular medications prescribed by your doctor, regardless of whether you believed in western medicines, alternative medicines, or natural medicines.

The LifeCode is one simple method adopted by PON and Visiber trainers, which usually comes embedded with 4-digit numbers on a plaque or wooden tablet. They claimed it to be a strong remedy to improve your livelihood and health. Many of their students were hooked and bought the expensive and supposedly remedial cure, thinking it could be for lifelong use. On the contrary, it could create potential detrimental ill-effects (like affecting a person’s emotional and mental health, and their holistic wellbeing’s) than manifesting good energies, especially over a period of time.

In a recent article, I highlighted the possibility by using crystal therapy as a remedy to remove undesirable negative energies. It worked for me, as I observed a difference in changes over my perspectives and attitude. I created many crystal grids, including one with an intent of “abundance of knowledge” recently. Within a few days, I met a Christine through an acquaintance, and have had a contented and insightful experience while chatting with her, for hours. While Christine was a Kabbalah numerology expert, we did not talk about the differences in the profiling techniques between her Kabbalah and my Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. We respected and valued each other’s skill sets and experience. Instead, we talked about remedy methods adopted by other trainers, our metaphysics journeys, and why it took her almost a decade to connect with me. I was appalled when I heard the untold reason behind the release of the LifeCode, and the differences over ethical beliefs and commercialism. For the highest good of all, it’s best to put aside the expensive LifeCode remedy method as it’s similar to using an over-hyped and commercialised FengShui ornament.

Some commercialised Feng Shui professionals even suggested not to recycle and reuse, and throw the old ornaments. Instead, they give reasons why you must buy their newly-designed ornaments every year, that’s full of fresh and new energies. Getting new Feng Shui ornaments every year is unnecessary and wasteful, and not environment-friendly. Technically, many small or portable FengShu ornaments can be “cleansed” through regular cleaning to rid cumulated negative energies, and be “re-charge or re-tune” to revitalise or restore (or reset) its strengths, since it’s used as a symbolic ornament.

Similarly, we can clean and recharging crystals (also include gemstone, mineral rock, quartz), before using them for meditation, crystal therapy, or alternative healing. We can also apply it as part of a crystal grid enhancer, to amplify and manifest its energies to shift a person’s mindset and attitude to work towards achieving their goals. Not any crystal or gemstone would immediately work to amplify your intent. You still need to spend time understanding its healing attributes, colour (useful for Chakra tuning), and structures. The appearance and pattern on the stone surface, and structures of crystals do change. As different types of crystals and gemstones have its own unique energy properties, I set them in crystal grid formation, as “Qi activator.” It’s similar to what I did in early-2000s by activating the energies around me on specific day using my QiMenDunJia knowledge and FengShui techniques.

Another remedy method is to shift our perspectives so that we can change our attitudes and lives. This can be done through positive communicative dialogues between us and others. And if you haven’t already discovered, I’ve frequently suggested applying the Transactional Analysis (TA) method – the need to communicate in an adult-to-adult ego state. You might want to read up more on the Transactional Analysis method, which was developed by Dr Eric Bernes. I attended a TA course in mid-80s, and its techniques still remain vividly and conscious in my mind today. Oh, by the way, you might want to check out the other book titles, like “I’m OK, You Are OK.” and “Staying OK” by Thomas A. Harris.

In a recent article, I mentioned about Jasper’s trapped emotions. Many of the pains and emotional sufferings in us, might be due to past resentment, and unforgiving thoughts hidden somewhere in our brains that created hatred, fear, escapism, and unnecessary tension and pressuring moments. And subsequently, it affected our mental state of wellness, our body and our soul. You might want to check out Dr Bradley Nelson’s THE EMOTION CODE: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness. One of the methods that Dr Nelson did was through the use of magnetic aids to “de-magnetise” and freed the trapped emotions in our body. This technique is not new, and was practised in many Asian healing sessions for centuries, using magnetic spheres or balls, tuning forks, magnetic beads in pillows and bed liners, and as bangles, to effectuate a better blood flow and Qi energies in us. Who knows, many of the obstacles and stumbling blocks in your mind could suddenly be set loose in the next few visits to a chiropractor or alternative health professional specialising in magnetic-healing techniques.

Having positive thinking and embracing the “Law of Attraction” (LOA) are beneficial in theory, but difficult to sustain for many people. Many of the LOA book authors, course Trainers and evangelists could manifest the LOA techniques and achieve their abundance through their activities. However, many of them do get agitated over negative vibes at times. Hence, while LOA at all times is good in theoretical practice, sustainability and full conscientious effect is a little harder in practical life. That is why having some knowledge of TA do help moderate and adjust the communication layer to an amicable and happy situation.

Understanding your life path, and potential effects, during a particular period (like year, month, or day) is more practical and much needed than a supposedly lifelong LifeCode remedy that loses its effect after a while, or could create detrimental ill health effects on some people with certain characteristics and tendency signs that’s present in their EON charts. Knowing the Annual Code could help you identify key signs, and when you used the earlier remedy methods suggested – other than LifeCode – you could become a different and happy person. And once you apply the “Qi Tapping” from my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) techniques, and executing the Personal Day Directional Chart; every day can be an excellent day, and every direction can be a pleasant path to attract positive outcomes. You might want to check my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for insights and techniques on how to know yourself better.

Remedy methods don’t have to be expensive, when you know and identify them early, and apply the remedies dedicatedly, and proactively; and not wait until the negative symptoms surfaced. Just like we all know eating healthy food and exercising regularly is good for us all, but many people preferred procrastinating or finding excuses.

The late Steve Jobs’ popular phrase, “Stay Hungry. Stay Focused.” is another remedy method to consider. Such powerful but short phrase empowers me to differentiate and pursue the “half-full cup” of knowledge, happiness and contentment, and need. And it’s not about chasing the “half-empty cup” of richness, self-gains, and desires.

Changing your perspectives and mindset is free, and it works. It could create the urge and focus of what you already have and need, and control what you don’t require. When we change, our life can be like a box of chocolates, just like Forest Gump said. We can lavish the sweetness or bitterness in each chocolate, but how we desire to enjoy the munching experience, is up to us eventually, and not depending on others. Consuming healthy food and exercising regularly could also create a better holistic health and happiness.

I’ve shared some remedy methods in today’s article. There are many more you can easily discover, when you pursue the wealth of knowledge and happiness over the richness of financial greed. How you apply the remedy methods eventually, and whether it can help you fulfil your goals and not at the expense of something else; it’s a choice you need to decide.

No LifeCode, no FengShui cure, no medication, no crystals and magnetic healings, and no Law of Attraction and positive affirmations could help you, when you are not ready to accept them, act on it wholeheartedly, and enjoy the fruits patiently. And as Buddha was once quoted to have said, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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