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You’ve seen them in the newspapers, online sites, magazines, posters, and almost everywhere as people seems so statistical-hungry these days. I’m talking about the cool infographics and statistical chart designs showing up these days presenting information in simple and compelling ways. No longer do you need to waste too much time trying to analyse the information. That’s the productive and effective advantages when you have relevant information presented and displayed timely.

CaseStudy_Justin_BieberBy now, users are using my EON (Android) software (screenshot on right) for personality profiling. FEN students have used the ‘student edition’ for life path analysis too. I’m glad many felt the software were handy and useful, and an essential part of their personality tools.

As I continue to share extended techniques to FEN students, I felt it’s time to upgrade the current v1.x software to provide extra information that can help users identify tendency signs based on the extended EON (Elements of Numbers) method. It’s time for a major upgrade – the need to add more features to the software, and supporting higher resolution smartphones.

I was on a ‘retreat’ exercise during the first few weeks of June which partly contribute to the ‘no article posting’. Besides researching on new clues to extend my analysis, I’m working on a major update (version 2) with even better features. The software is titled “FEON+” to set it apart from the earlier EON v1.x title.

Take a look at the sample screenshot (below left). It includes the TIME OF BIRTH and COMBINED DATE AND TIME OF BIRTH charts on the right panel. The software will display the relevant time charts when the birth time of the subject person is available. And it’s displaying full-screen on my smartphone.

CaseStudy_Justin_Bieber1Let’s look at the chart and do a quick analysis on Justin Bieber. He was in the media spotlight recently for the wrong reasons. And I was curious to find more clues on his inner traits beyond those present in his Birth chart.

At first quick glance, you’d noticed Justin Bieber has the 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 patterns in his Birth chart. In my previous ‘Womaniser Number‘ article, I mentioned possible tendency signs of 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 having sex-depriving urge, and some people associated that to a womaniser number.

Is Justin a risk-averse or risk-adverse person or someone with uncontrollable tempers and sensual moods? Is he influenced by the ‘womaniser’ vibes? Is he sex-deprived?

The answers – I don’t know. But there are clues somehow pointing to certain tendencies. You can try associating his wild behaviours and actions to the tendency signs present in the charts. While the truth is for him (and his loved ones) to know and for us to find out, we can always fall back on our personality observational skills using the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. It’s so easy to identify the tendency signs present in his charts when you’re using the FEON+ software.

Time of BirthThe media also reported Justin having relationships with the girls and older women. His relationships with other people follow the ‘peaks and valleys’ trend with tendency signs suggesting possible communication strains. From the Birth chart, you might not see the obvious signs. But with the Time of Birth chart and Combined Date and Time of Birth chart, the signs are more prominent. The tendency signs in these two extra charts are clues to a person’s inner-self characteristics, their subconscious traits and inner thoughts.

I’ve shared the 3-7-1 (or 7-3-1) patterns in class and explained the triggering influence it had straining the relationships between two parties. If you have similar patterns, you need to be tactful when communicating with others. Remind yourself to be a better empathetic person (listen more and talk less) and willingly accept other people’s suggestions positively. That’d help dilute the temperamental tension with others.

EON_AnswersIf all goes well, you can buy the FEON+ software license online when it’s released later. I’m adding more features for extended use beyond EON analysis. Currently only the main chart layout is completed, and I’m working on the life path layout allowing you to check on the Year, Month, and Day ‘pillars’ and charts. The software will display the compatibility chart of up to 4 people. No longer are you restricted by a 2-person compatibility analysis. Oh, I’ve added the Pinnacles and Challenges, and the Life Path periods for possible extended analysis… at the suggestions from friends.

Send me an email to SunTzu2796@gmail.com if you’d like to see certain features added. I’ll continue to post the FEON+ progress and perhaps do a case study analysis alongside to explain how you can use the tool for similar profiling observations.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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