New experience at 1st EON@MY WORKSHOP


It was an exciting day for everyone who’s present at yesterday’s EON@MY WORKSHOP session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Everyone was happy with the free Part 1 lesson, and knew it was NOT a preview but an actual lesson.

I’ve shared the visualisation technique where the participants can build up the knowledge to associate the traits and characteristics of a person easily. They now have more ways to identify them from their visual observations and need not rely only on their memories to recall what they’ve learned from the Power of Numbers (PON) classes. It seems so simple, practicable, and straightforward once I’ve explained how to apply the visual imaging techniques using nature and environmental associations. I know the participants are glad they need not need have  to remember ‘by heart‘ the PON theories any more.

Wealth Directional MethodAs promised, besides sharing the Five Elements cycles and effects, participants learn how to manifest and collect the positive wealth energies through the ‘Qi tapping‘ method. Participants have an alternative ways to optimise the positive energies to create greater opportunity to achieve their targets using the Direction Chart. Besides possible wealth improvements, participants can apply the same technique to create better opportunities for job interviews, collecting payment from customers, and areas where you need to create an impact on others, like closing sales, negotiations,  and presentations. Of course, like what I’ve emphasise to the participants, the eventual outcome mainly depends on the effort and action of the person.

The afternoon sessions were exciting. Almost all decided to continue the afternoon sessions. I was happy as I could flip the early obstacle (lack of registrants) to opportunities (getting more people to learn). One student living overseas came ‘back home’ specially to attend the workshop. I felt so touched when I heard about it from Adelin, my Malaysia organiser. As always, I gave my best training to them, complementing the visual slides with explanations on the fundamentals and application approach.

SampleSlides4MYSome came with the early fear the workshop could be similar to their previous PON experiences. The first lesson (free) soon changed their minds as they noticed the session was interesting and interactive. The excitement and enthusiasm atmosphere were noticeable during the training.

PY2013_MalaysiaIf you’ve attended the workshop yesterday, thanks again for the support. By now you’d know you’ve made the right decision to come. It’s mainly because of your intuition and learning passion that convinced you to take one step ahead towards the correct positive direction. And I hope you can help me spread the good feelings to others, and get them to learn how they can also better their lives and improve their profiling skills. I hope to see you again at the next workshop and learn even more techniques. Remember to practice what you’ve learned and, if in doubt, send me an email with your questions. Use the EON (Android) software to aid your profiling analysis.

It’s ok if you wanted to come but couldn’t because of commitments and other reasons. I’m getting Adelin to help schedule the 2nd workshop session. Just send an email to Adelin ( and she will contact you once we have confirmed the schedule.


A short note for Singapore users…  I’m trying to schedule the next 9th EON Workshop around late October, subjected to classroom confirmation. I’ll let you know once I have the confirmed date. And yes, I’ll also be sharing the wealth opportunities and ‘Qi tapping‘ method at the workshop.

[Update 23/9/2013 – The classroom for October dates were fully booked.  The 9th EON@SG WORKSHOP is now confirmed for 9 November 2013.]

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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