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Hi Ron, it’s a good pleasure to read the book. Anyway I’m confused when it comes to the relationship section. As you say any combination number with one or more set of 2-7 or 7-2 is good alliance,” Charles wrote in his recent email to me, “However I heard from other sources saying that when it exceeds four sets, e. g., five or six sets, it becomes a bad combination. Is that true?

BANNER6From basic EON perspective, we can easily associate the number patterns 2-7 (or 7-2) to people with strong positive traits like charismatic, sensual personality, sex appeal, charming, presentable, expressive, compassionate, gentle, and good social intelligence. Different people have varying traits when there are many similar sets on their charts. You can read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more traits associated to the numbers 2 and 7, and on the Water element.

Everything must be in moderation. If you have too much of a good thing, something good becomes bad; and positive vibes become excessively negative. When there are too many 2-7 or 7-2 sets, the person could become too sensitive and over sensual.

At my recent EON@MY WORKSHOP session last week, one EON student asked about the effects of 2-7 or 7-2 and jokingly asked if there are prostitution tendencies during the interactive case study session. I’ve shared the visualisation techniques to her and others during the free Part 1 lesson. I believe everyone present could now easily and quickly identify many tendency traits associated to the numbers 1 to 9.

A person with too many sets of numbers 2s and 7s in their charts (Birth and current Personal Year charts) could manifest the negative vibes. When we focus on identifying sexual tendencies, it’s easy to correlate such number vibes to the sensual thoughts and the desire to arouse one’s erotic needs. Some people may resort to prostitution at extreme end.

Fortunately, most people with too many 2s and 7s would usually display more feminine traits and charismatic appeal. Some women could be too feminine and expressive, gracious, attracting more men than necessary. Some men with such numbers could be soft spoken, gentle, gossipy, and displaying feminine-like hand gesture and expression. It’s not only about women fantasising on their sensual needs – some men with such numbers in their charts could also resort to gay or same-sex activities, male prostitution, or cross-dressings.

CaseStudy_SimonRexNot all people with multiple sets of numbers 2 and 7 will have prostitution or negative tendencies. More likely, they’re inclined towards the display of feminine or expressive traits. From a hidden subconscious perspective, these people are demanding, manipulative, and would go all-out to gain the success they need. They could be emotional and forceful (like the tsunami) when others try to obstruct their path towards success. On a positive side, they could be flexible, sociable, philosophical, and wise.

On a less sensual viewpoint, people with numbers 2 or 7 could be a normal ‘straight’ person with expressionist-like tendencies delivering their message through arts, drama, dance, writing, communication, travel blogging, singing, and music composing.

Don’t worry too much if you’ve three or more sets of 2-7 or 7-2 in your chart. Your formative experiences (family upbringing, values, sexual orientations, environment lifestyle, and culture) play an influential part in making you who you are today. There are other numbers present in your birth chart; and other numbers present in your Personal Year chart – these could influence your perspectives, behaviours and actions. I’ve presented some slides at last week’s EON@MY Workshop session and explained to the students why we have duality traits. This means that there’re feminine traits in every man; and there’re masculine traits in every woman.


Ron WZ Sun



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