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Whenever I receive a happy note from someone who’ve benefited after learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I’d smile heartily. Knowing that I could make someone feels better gives me a sense of personal satisfaction, happiness, achievement, and gratitude that there are people who has benefited from my research. When the positive vibes in the subconscious mind get manifested, it pushes me to ‘extend the limits’ to find out more on the underlying reasons behind certain patterns, behaviours, and traits.

Penny attended last week’s EON@MY workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She sent me an email, “Firstly, a hearty thank you for conducting your first workshop for the eager students in Malaysia. Even though the response had not been what you would have wished for, nevertheless, you still went ahead and even give a free lesson in the morning session. That was really big-hearted of you! Yes, I have learned much from this first workshop I attended. I know currently you are passionately committed to researching and making new analysis to this EON patterns.  And I am looking forward to your sharing of the new discoveries with us in the near future…

Sample slides used for EON COURSEI’ll be frank here – the extra money (from the workshop, if any) comes handy to fund my EON research and self-publishing of my book. Money is important but it can only bring material happiness. Eventually, we should all look at true happiness. True happiness comes from within. For me, true happiness comes from seeing others starting to know more of themselves and others, and making their lives a happier, healthier, and purposeful one after learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

By the way, you can order my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” from Adelin directly if you’re staying in Malaysia. She has limited copies so get it fast while stocks last.

I know Penny and others at the workshop is smart to know my EON workshop is an entire different learning experience. I was even more excited when Adelin told me Penny has sent her a testimonial email about her experiences at the workshop. Penny wrote, “Ron was truly so humble and eager to share what he knew and discovered. I have learnt more than I had hoped for! It was worth my flying back all the way from Australia to attend his first workshop in Malaysia!

I’m not sure how much Penny paid for the air ticket to travel from Australia to Malaysia. Now, we all knows that Penny’s learning experience at the workshop is worth more than the pennies (ok, Australia dollars) she’d spent on her travel expenses. Thanks Penny… for the kind words.

A personal note to Penny and the rest who’d attended last week’s EON@MY Workshop – thanks again for the support. Rest assured the 2nd EON@MY workshop would bring a change in your perspective as the lessons are becoming even more interesting, exciting, and insightful. I know many of you have started to explore the new discoveries I’ve shared with you, and do have many questions to ask. Just send me your questions…

RhythmicCycle_Apple1Another student “Ng” asked if he could apply the EON methods on investment or stock forecasting. I gave him a positive reply. I’ve shared with the class the purpose of identifying the chronological events of a person (or company like Apple) through the Rhythmic Cycle, and looking beyond Compatibility charts. I’ve explained how to identify the influencing energies in the Universal and Personal Pillars, and highlighted the indirect harmful effects relying solely on the Life Code. I’ve shown how we can identify a person’s annual tendencies from their Annual Code pattern. These are the key foundation techniques Ng can build up to work on his investment forecasting.

EON_Workshop_info1AThere are many interesting questions asked at the workshop, and I’ll be posting the answers through case study articles soon. EON students (those who attended both my EON@MY and EON@SG workshops) would benefit more as the extended methods mentioned in future articles is no longer an untold technique to them.

I’m looking forward to share my EON methods and discoveries with more Malaysia users at the 2nd EON@MY workshop. Penny, Ng, and others took the opportunity to attend the workshop and they went home with more insights. You can join them too. Send an email to Adelin (TruvueEnt@gmail.com) if you’re keen to attend the next workshop. She will contact you once we’ve confirmed the next schedule. If you’re staying in Singapore, you can contact McCoy (8356-0179) to register for the forthcoming 9th EON@MY workshop in Singapore.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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