EON Bits on Sleeping Y (and UNZIP Code)

Sometime in December last year, one FEN student (from 1st FEN WORKSHOP class) posted the message, “Sleeping Y – pull down, killed or be downed, or suicide.” Soon after, messages like “he [trainer] never actually mentioned or teaches how it affects oneself. He said it’s a Sleeping Y, and will kill someone or be killed if pushed beyond the limits,” and “I did ask [the trainer] before, but he just said it pulls you down.

One benefit of taking part in the FEN COMMUNITY (FC) WhatsApp chat group, is the reciprocal effect of sharing. While I shared extra tips and explained various questions by giving examples or elaborating them, I got sharing info from the students as well. In many instances, when they have doubts or unsure about certain terminologies used by the previous trainer whom they’d attended the class, they’d post the questions on the FC chats. And they got the answers, from me or fellow students.

Some of you also posted a search for “Sleeping Y” this week. While it was easy for me to identify the Sleeping Y pattern on some charts, it was even easier to distinguish the positive aspects that the person could have subconsciously done earlier, that prevented the negative vibes (of the Sleeping Y) from manifesting. Perhaps transforming from negative sleeping to the positive Awakening Y signs! Before long, the UNZIP Code was introduced, by looking at the distinctive sequence of numbers elsewhere in various charts. It is different from the ‘Sleeping Y’ and instead, focused on the positiveness in the chart which represents as a guiding sign to follow. I texted, “we now can interpret what the cause, effect, and action might be, rather than just pull you down.

The other benefit is, because of my inquisitive and curious mindset, wanting to troubleshoot and detect the underlying root cause, I could unveil new discoveries and spin-off patterns, and share them in the chat group. I told the group, “Let’s try it. Perhaps it is one applicable method for us because of group energies. At least, we know how to apply it than merely a ‘Sleeping Y’ that pulls you down. If it doesn’t work, put it aside for now.

I then tested the unconfirmed ‘UNZIP Code’ and posted the article “Case Study on Roslyn.” Roslyn replied, “Yes indeed; I have not had any results from my work that I’m doing out of necessity to survive so far, and feeling disappointed and discouraged. But I believe if I persevere, it’ll lead me to the path of financial stability.” While applying the UNZIP Code might sound good, I told the group “still need more explorations for now” and suggested them to try out the UNZIP Code.

And now, back to the ‘Sleeping Y’ pattern… I wondered how many of these external trainers do have such negative patterns in their charts, and if it exists, what are they going to do about them? And if they don’t meet the same fate as they claimed such a pattern would do to anyone, then they are not sharing the truth. At least, they should have offered some form of preventive workaround to minimise potential harm from happening. Like one trainer likes to hype on the idiomatic expression, “Anything that can be predictable, can be preventable.” Come to think of it, I wondered why the “preventable” part was not shared with his students since the trainer could predict the signs.

When someone profiled your chart, most of you would prefer hearing the honest and positive sides of you as it brings hope, aspirations, and reinforcement that you’ve embraced correctly all along, in line with your birth destiny. That’s when you are strong and healthy (not in physique) but the energies in your body, spirit, and soul. Only when it comes to hearing the negative signs, many of you would put aside the defiant thoughts and comfort yourself with the words “it will never happen to me.” While the ‘Sleeping Y’ pattern might be useful, more could be done to address ways to overcome the potential ill effects than leaving it “as is” status. It’s like telling someone they have the diabetic symptom and with strong likelihood to be diabetic. You don’t give people the hope they want, not to be diabetic, and then they ended up becoming one. And you became so happy because your analysis is right, and you proudly proclaimed publicly that you analysed over 10,000 charts with “almost perfecthigh accuracies. That’s what many trainers do and experience.

Fortunately, I don’t adopt such “high-accuracy profiling” thoughts and boastful actions. I prefer practical and logical methods, without spending on expensive remedies. FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students and others know that I would provide workarounds, and ways to cut down and dilute the negative energies, and enhance your positive thoughts. Meaning, the “what you see on the chart is no longer what the changed person is facing now!” outcome. When you feel positive and high-spirited, you can overwhelm the negative energies easily, just like ignoring the irritating noise made by others at the library and continue to read the book.  No anger and emotions felt, merely the contentment and insightful experience gained.

Don’t worry too much about the negative effects of the ‘Sleeping Y’ patterns. I told the FEN students then, that “Sleeping Y may not be so negative as a person could manipulate it to their advantage.” Our late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has such pattern, was strong and fit even in his 70s (he exercised daily), lived to an old age, and passed away at the age of 91.

Be confident, and forward looking. If you have time, find out more on the “laws of ripping and sowing.”

Learn the visualisation techniques and applications of the EON/FEN methodologies, including the periodic codes (like Annual Code and Unzip Code) that could provide guidelines you can refer and set the good momentum towards better positiveness and change.

Seats are still available. If you’ve already registered for the 4th FEN WORKSHOP, see you this Saturday (2 June 2018) in class! 

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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