Binge drinking ‘doubles heart risk’

Binge drinkers do have a higher risk of developing heart disease, according to this article.

The survey results are NOT surprising since I have mentioned many times in my articles that strong FIRE element could lead to cardiovascular problems, if you don’t take action to reduce the negative energies. Binge drinking, heavy smoking and drugs consumption could aggravate cardiovascular and respiratory health problems. It can also affect the liver and cause inflammation to the blood vessels. These days, more people die of chronic degenerative diseases than infectious diseases.

Try doing some case studies on celebrities (or friends you know) who smoke and drink, and suffers from cardiovascular problems. Many of them do have strong Fire element in their Birth charts; while some others are caused by the effects of strong Fire element (or supporting elements) that are present in their Personal Year charts.

Everything has to be done in moderation, including exercises and consumptions. You can be fit and healthy yesterday but that doesn’t you will be the same tomorrow if you overdo your actions today. You have one life. You must live life to the fullest, until you die. So, for your own health’s sake –start empowering yourself and be in control of your own life. Be the one you truly want to be, in a healthy and positive way.

Cut down on your alcoholic drinks, smoking or drugs consumption when you still have the chance to do so, even if you don’t have any heart or cardiovascular problem now. Don’t live life too short, or die too long.

Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) is not all about “personal profiling” (character and health identifications, etc) and “life profiling” (life path analysis). It is also about “preventive profiling” – knowing what you can do to prevent or minimise negative effects from manifesting.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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