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Charles asked, “From the children section, if the combination numbers of partners does not show any 1 in the chart, does that mean no natural born children for the couple?” He was referring to the topic “Number of Children” on Page 218 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

I told Charles, “These days, looking at number 1 is no longer useful as people can go for IVF (In vitro fertilisation) or adoption. Besides, you can find the number 1 in certain Personal Year charts. Put aside the number 1 and just ‘do it’ if the mood comes along without much stress.

EON_Workshop_ChildBirthAt my previous EON workshop sessions including last week’s EON@MY workshop, I’ve shared the technique to identify the good years for a woman to conceive or give birth.

I have also shared the negative aspects – when certain numbers are present in a particular year, it may imply possible childbirth complication or C-section (caesarean) birth.

KCI’ve shown case study slides of celebrities and explain the tendency signs that may be ideal for taking action to start a family. I’ve shown a slide of Ms Kelly Chen (HK artiste) who’d a miscarriage in the early part of a year, and became pregnant again through artificial insemination the same year.  I’ve also shared the technique to plot the Annual Code where EON students can interpret the annual influence that may affect a person’s mindset, behaviours, or actions.

You can look at the number 1 in the Personal Year (PY) chart to find out if the year is ideal to start family planning. In addition, there are other areas beside number 1 that determines the eventual success of childbirth. No, I’m not a conception expert, but from my research, I noticed there are tendency signs that suggest high possibilities of childbirth for a woman when certain numbers, with other favourable numbers are present in a year.

Once you’ve identified the favourable numbers present in the year, then it’s time to take action. You can energise the vibes in a particular sector of your house or room. Perhaps you can also try playing soft soothing music to calm the mind and just do it when the right moment comes along. You can use Feng Shui enhancers, or you can simply put aside the stress of ‘making babies’ and go for a holiday overseas. And while you’re there enjoying the sightseeing, shopping, and food… the right moment may come for action without much stress.

BANNER3For a woman, the first trimester is important. You can check for unfavourable numbers or patterns present in the current year.

If the first trimester overlaps to the following year, then you also need to check the numbers present in the following year’s PY chart. It could imply possible complications or miscarriage (at extreme end) when the negative vibes are strong.

Confused? Well, you can attend my EON WORKSHOP to build up the conception knowledge using the EON method.

I wrote on Page 219 of my book, “…does the Hidden number 1 imply that the particular child is an ‘unplanned’ one, from a different parent, a godchild or an adopted child.” You can always do case studies to see if the statement still holds true.

We can associate the woman’s reproductive organs to the Water element, i.e., numbers 2 and 7. This implies the tendency of smoother delivery should the numbers are present in a PY chart.

Remember, if there is no number 1 in a chart, it doesn’t imply having no children. Remember, the number 1 can always appear in the Personal Year… so when the number comes along, it’s time to switch off the lights and take action! Just do it and let nature takes it course…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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