The Accident-Prone Numbers

Lately, there have been few searches on words like “accident” or “accident prone.” If you’ve read my past articles, there is one number – the number 6we usually associated them with behaviours and/or actions that could lead to being accident-prone when we’re least prepared, complacent, distracted, or having the “heck-care” attitudes.

We can associate the number 6 as a set of wheels. In the Five Elements principles, as the number 6 is Metal element, its form is round or circle. That is one reason why the wheels come about. At present, where there are too many fast wheels, like many fast vehicles on a highway or busy roads, crossing the road recklessly or trying to jaywalk, might cause an accident. The impact could hurt you, or it could cause bumper-to-bumper cars clashing, due to the sudden breaking of the driver to avoid hitting you. Or you could be distracted while driving, and could not brake in time.

The number 6 is also related to your mental abilities. When you are distracted, you can be accident-prone too. This is more obvious these days, with many people looking at their smartphones and crossing the road, either oblivious or deliberately taking their own sweet time, even when the red man is already lighted up.

In hypothesis, when there are many 6s in close-proximity on your birth chart, we could identify that as an accident-prone or carelessness behavioural habit. When there are many 6s in your Personal Year (PY) Chart, it implies potential accident-prone during that year. Likewise, when there are many 6s in your Personal Day Chart, you better be alert and stay vigilant as the tendency of you getting distracted or careless on that day is high, and you might hurt yourself accidentally.

At present, while we could consider the number 6 as the “de facto” number associating to accident-prone incidents on the road, we should not neglect there are potential accidents happening elsewhere. Let’s not forget that all numbers are independent and interdependent. It means – from the Element of Numbers (EON) method – all numbers could have accident-prone tendencies when there are multiple examples of the same numbers in close proximity.

Let me explain further why we could consider other numbers as well, and how this is so. For this article, I’ll share two numbers, to illustrate the points.

  • Too many number 2. We could correlate the number 2 as talking and chattering. The number 2 is also associated to the Water element. When there are too many 2s in a chart, it could mean some form of “slip and fall” when you’re careless. Suppose you saw a puddle of water on the floor, and continue to step over it. Whoops…. Bang! You fell hard on the floor and hurt your buttock. The puddle of water is slippery as it carries oil, or liquid or fluid substances. We could associate the number 2 to be like a river or canal, and the number 7 (also a Water element) to be like the sea and ocean. Multiple instances of 2s in close-proximity (the numbers must be associated or connected directly) could also imply potential drowning, besides the “slip and fall”; and/or injured by sea creatures or foreign objects while at sea.
  • Too many number 3. We could associate the number 3 with “small flame” – like candle burning, matchsticks, laser pointers, and so on. Accidents could occur when you misuse the laser pointers and point it directly on someone’s eyes for a long period of time. Accidents could occur when you use the laser pointer and aim at airplanes taking off or landing, as it could distract the pilots. An accident could occur when you throw the burning matchsticks (including cigarette butts) on the bush or paper bins. An accident could also happen when you set the lighted candle on a long candle-holder, and knock it down on the dinning table. You could accidentally injure yourself too while trying to extinguish the candle fire with your bare fingers.

The above examples highlighted potential accidents that might happen when there are too many 2s or 3s present in your chart. Think and visualise how all numbers – from 1 to 9 – could lead to the different variety of accidents. Yes, when we talked about an accident number, most people only relate that to transport (road, sea, air) accidents; and conveniently ignore the fact that an accident could happen anywhere, anytime and at any place, when you are distracted and careless.

In summary, one vital aspect to avoid potential accidents from happening, is to do what I’ve just mentioned earlier – stay focused and not be distracted or careless. Even when you have multiple 6s, or other numbers, in close-proximity, the likely accident might not happen because you’re conscious of the surroundings, and could control your responses and behaviours.

Move along, and enjoy the life you wanthappily and not with fear. Do not be so phobic when you discovered you’ve the accident-prone numbers (1 to 9) in your Day or periodic charts. Just adopt the necessary precautions, remain focused and alert, and be vigilant.

Remember, all numbersfrom 1 to 9 – do have accident tendencies. Don’t always assume the number 6 to be an “accident number.” When there are multiple instances of identical numbers in close proximity, its energies are multiplied, forceful, and aggressive.

Think and act safely…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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