What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and How Can You Use It?

[Ron: Below article is contributed by Ms Lisa Smith (iNLP Center) on how NLP can be used as behavioural change techniques. You can learn and apply NLP to help yourself and guide others, once you’ve profiled an individual based on their birth chart, and identified their potential behaviours from their periodic charts. One of NLP presupposition is “the map is not the territory.” Likewise, when profiling a person’s chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I have an EON presupposition too, i.e., “the birth chart is not the personality.We should not assume an individual’s behaviours, habits, and actions – based on their charts – to represent their personality.]


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and How Can You Use It?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a multi-faceted system that involves the augmenting of behavioral competence and adaptability. It hones in one strategic thinking and aims to understand mental and cognitive responses, making it an essential tool for inspiring excellence in your career and business.

In retrospect, NLP is a vital function in a business as it helps build a team that is more effective. It improves communication between all the members and staff within a company and increases the mental acuity and ability to make sales, create better presentations, and boost motivation in overcoming obstacles.

Multiple enterprises can incorporate NLP into their everyday practice, such as small businesses, multinational organizations, private sectors, public sectors, and even self-employed individuals. But what exactly is NLP?

What You Need to Know About NLP

NLP enables practitioners to analyze their thoughts and feelings through the use of communication and body language. When done correctly, it also has the power to influence other people in a predictable manner, allowing people to become effective communicators. In essence, it helps replace unfavorable behavior with another and encourage useful response from others.

Think of it this way: everything we do in life involves neurology – from cooking a meal, reading a book, or learning a new craft. It is a chain reaction that involves your response to a given situation, which then creations another response from other people involved. It creates a cycle that allows you to improve your behavior. To that end, here are different ways NLP can benefit your business:

NLP and Customers

NLP is highly effective in inciting a positive response to customers and consumers. It increases a marketer’s level of rapport with their customers by following principles that turn you into an active, confident, and flexible communicator. It is also an essential function in advertising as NLP allows businesses to analyze how their target demographic react to their promotional materials. On that note, NLP can be applied in campaigns through the following:

  • Evoking a gut reaction
  • Use of powerful imagery
  • Colors
  • Names
  • Ability to use people’s desire for belonging

Keep in mind that an effective NPL would need to have a strategy that focuses on determining which images, words, or other marketing tools will elicit the reaction your business is trying to achieve.

NLP and Employees

The same rapport building skills used with customers also apply to employees within an organization. Business owners can implement NLP or persuasive techniques that can encourage staff members to move towards the direction you intend. It is also an ideal way to promote motivation within the team by learning how to read their language and respond in a way that would inspire them to follow your vision.

If you’re looking to get NLP certification, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Lisa Smith, iNLP Center



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