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Many people attended ‘life destiny’ workshops without hesitation to know more about themselves. Why do they attend the workshops? What’s the purpose of knowing their birth chart and life destiny?  Many people felt the urgent need to take charge to better their life aspects – health, wealth, marriage, career, academic, and many others.

Definite MistressWhatever it is, many of you hope to find the key to help you unlock the secret door to improve your current life situation. When you attend the workshop, you’d expect to become more positive and forward-looking. You least expect to have more worries and fears.

That’s what happened to Giliana – she became more distracted, emotional, and worried after attending the workshop. Fortunately she chanced on my Elements of Numbers (EON) site and seek ‘second opinion’.

[Giliana] I attended a free introductory workshop recently. One of the examples given was a female with the birth chart of 7 2 1 2 (first 4 numbers). We were told that this lady will always be a mistress and will not get married. I understand from your book that the possibility of being a mistress is by looking at the combination of 7-2 and 2-7. However, how do we tell that this lady will never get married?

[Ron] May I know the person conducting the free workshop? I have posted many articles on the 2-7 and 7-2 patterns. Anyway, my book covers the basic level. When you progress further you will find the ‘mistress’ tendencies are depending on a person’s behaviours and actions.

[Giliana] The person is Master CW [edited] from [organisation name removed]. Honestly, the lady I was referring to is none other than myself. During the session, CW took my birth chart and started to analyse it. She said she could see signs of having mistress tendencies. After looking at my birth chart again, she said I will not get married but NOT to WORRY because I will always be someone else’s mistress. Well it is true that I am still single and have yet to meet my right one. But her words really weigh on my mind.

[Ron] Don’t be too naïve to listen to all these ‘fear factor’ comments.  You got a life. The birth chart is like your original house plan. You can add furniture and change the energy flow, and the influencing vibes will change. Meanwhile… don’t worry too much. Unless you intentionally want to be someone’s secret lover, you have a choice.

EON_AnswersA person experience in the study of human behavioural science, life and personality profiling would strongly attest there is no such affirmation to suggest a woman, with certain patterns in her chart, shall become a confirmed, definite mistress. Unless the person chose her path to do so, there are always many other paths leading to better life, enjoyment, and attainment without sacrificing dignity and self-worth unnecessary.

Even if there is no alternate path, the person can create their diversion path and stride along positively. The Yearly energies can help influence a person to change their mindsets, focus, and directions. Eventually a person’s life, fate, and destiny depend on themselves and in their own hands. They should never let their life path be managed and influenced by the whimsical and naivety thoughts and recommendation from others.

I’ve described the 2-7-9 and 7-2-9 traits on Page 206 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I’d recommend Giliana to continue to read my book to know more about herself and what she can do about her current situation. I also look forward to seeing Giliana at future EON workshops when she’s ready to explore. On Page 160, I wrote “7-2-9 in locations M-N-O” could have tendencies like “May be surrounded by many people from opposite gender; may be somebody’s mistress; or may marry a divorcee.” The word “may’ mean there is no such affirmative statement to mean an eventual “confirmed and definite” sign.  You may also want to check the many articles I’ve posted on the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) patterns.

CaseStudy_GilianaWe can associate the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) to the charismatic, appealing, presentable, having magnetic charms, lovely, seductive, and gentleness traits. It’s not Giliana’s fault to inhibit such traits especially when the signs are obvious outwardly. Yes, inwardly she may also have the passionate vibes in her that attracts many people but that doesn’t mean she’d become a married man’s mistress eventually.

If becoming someone’s mistress or “play toy” is not in her life plan, then Giliana has to focus on her strengths and build up her career through moral means. I believe Giliana can do similarly without treading into the transgression line unknowingly.  “Stop before it starts” is the keyword. Giliana must not send out the wrong signals because of her sensual and passionate personality especially when she noticed many men coming “into her life” recently. It’s more important for Giliana to consciously remind herself to take control and manage her ‘love quest’ as there are many 7s in her PY2014 chart – she could unknowingly manifest the sensual desires and sex appealing traits. Make no mistake as a wrong move could lead to unnecessary legal implications – the 5-7-3 pattern in her PY2014 chart.

There are signs suggesting many ‘secret admirers’ around her. Many of her male friends have the “perceived thoughts” that an attractive matured girl like her would usually be attached to someone else. Hence, they could taking cautionary approach not to be too “up close and personal” with her. Then again, there could be married male friends who’re obsessed by her personality and ignoring their marital status and moral duties. So she has to be careful in her relationships with male married friends.

Immoral LoveThe multiple 6s in her PY2013 chart implies the urge to start a family and have a house she can look forward to live with her loved ones.  We can also associate the number 6 to increasing material wealth. It’d be favourable to Giliana to remind herself consciously not to abuse her sensuality traits and material wealth to attract men as there is just a thin line dividing the moral and immoral values. There are tendency signs in her PY2013 chart suggesting she could be hastily finding a quick successful outcome to end her search to find the perfect man.

As long as she’s able to walk faithfully on the moral path, there’s always a chance for Giliana to meet her man. Even though he may not be the ‘gorgeous-looking prince riding on the white horse,’ the sincere love she receives (from him) is worth more than loving a ‘handsome man without inner love.

CaseStudy_Giliana2I’d recommend Giliana to know more about the traits associated to her birth chart, and to be consciously aware of the influencing vibes that could manifest the extra traits present in her Personal Year charts. For example, the signs in her Py2015 could suggest stressful and temperamental mood swings and these could affect her relationships with others. Go slow and stay calm in her pursuit to find her lifelong companion. She may want to divert her attention to seek her man by focusing on charitable or humanitarian acts. It’s important to act now to reduce the emotional, sensitiveness and at times, the suicidal (or giving up hope) thoughts from hastening and aggravating further. Why? The patterns in her PY2016 present a mirror chart that could suggest exhausting and tiring period for her.

With self-control and regular management on her emotions and sensuality, there is a tendency to Giliana to become a happier and livelier person soon. And if all goes well, she’d meet her ‘prince’ too and live the luckier life she deserves.

Eventually it’s all up to Giliana to decide how she wants to walk on the correct love path, without sinful and regretful moments. There is hope and positive prospects ahead for Giliana to live a better rewarding and purposeful life. To be a faithful mistress or a loving wife depends on her choice and decision. “To be or not to be” is her call.

 Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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