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In my previous article “Interpreting the Annual Code” I’ve briefly described the tendency vibes on the Annual Code 54765. Today, I’m addressing Dan’s other questions and hope you enjoy reading them. And while you do, remember to tell others about this site and get them to buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if they’re staying in Singapore. Thanks!

[Dan] What about a person with all 99999 like the top row is 9918 (I-J-K-L) and below is 9999? How would you interpret the number?

When I first received Dan’s email, I was unsure if he was asking about the Life Code (4-digits) or the Annual Code (5-digits). The reason – based on his reference (9918), the Life Code is 9999 but the Annual Code for current PY is neither 9999 nor 99999. There are major differences in the way we apply these vibes.EON_Workshop_LifeCode

  • PON (Power of Numbers) students learned to use the Life Code to manifest the number vibes (from their Birth charts) throughout a person’s life. The Life Code method is used for direct manifestation. The energies are assumed to remain constant.  By now, we know the energies are unlikely to be constant for infinite years. The formula (steps to derive the patterns) remains secretive although it’s easy to decode.
  • My EON (Elements of Numbers) students learned the Annual Code to identify the number vibes (from Personal Year charts). The Annual Code method provides user the capacity to change their thoughts, behaviours, and habits based on the annual referencing energies (number patterns) present every year. Because EON students learned the steps (formula) to derive the Annual Code, they could help themselves and others on handling and managing yearly expectations.

AnnualCodeAs the Life Code has limited applications because of potential stagnant vibes over time, I’d prefer to focus on the dynamic Annual Code as it’s part of the EON method. In simple keyword interpretation, the 99999 pattern means [Success-Success-Success-Success-Success] or [Asset-Asset-Asset-Asset-Asset]. That sounds great as the person can look forward to huge windfall and success. It’s just like a dream coming true. And like the ‘fantasy vision’ in most dreams, many people became passive because of the ‘altered reality’ effect – money and success falls on you without you doing anything. In reality, you can’t sit down and do nothing, and expect miracles to happen. You have to work to get what you need. You have to take a step forward to be closer to your target. 

From health perspective, too much of anything is bad for your health. Too many 9s may aggravate the Wood-related traits (including emotional, destructive, and temperamental mood swings) and health conditions (including liver and heart problems.)  Too many 9s (and 4s) would increase the scheming (and sometimes the suicidal or kamikaze-like influence) thoughts on a person. In short, too many 9s (or 4s) may do more harm than good on a person, especially when they already have excess Wood-related elements in their chart.

EON_mosaicWhen a person’s Annual Code is 99999, they have to be wary of the negative effects that could affect them when they manifest the vibes strongly or regularly. It’s important (and healthier) for a person to have harmonised and balanced energies for more positive outlook. This means the person has to work a little harder that year on the positive aspects. They also have to focus on the humility and humanitarian aspects (to dilute the negative vibes) to gain a better, successful year ahead.  If they own a company, it’s like happily and proactively promoting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects within the organisation. Thank goodness, the 99999 pattern don’t come every year which means the person can work or focus on other areas on following years.


[Dan] Is it every year is a reflection to the person since 9 is his mirror?

I’m not sure what Dan means since the numbers mentioned in his example is 8-8-1-9 on locations I-J-K-L which is not a mirror chart. Perhaps he’s referring to the 2-7-7-2 chart mentioned in previous article. If a person has the 2-7-7-2 pattern on their birth chart, the yearly numbers would be different and it’s unlikely to have the numbers 2-7-7-2 appearing in the Personal Year (PY) chart in his entire lifetime. In Year 2013, the numbers in I-J-K-L locations would be 2-7-2-4. For Year 2014, it’d be 2-7-2-5, and for Year 2015, it’d be 2-7-2-6; the number sequence 2-7-x-x continues.

YearEnergiesLet’s go beyond the basic interpretation. Every year the number vibes are different. The year 2014 could provide different signs to different people focusing on different metaphysics method. Some people would identify the signs of home, stability, and security since they could easily identify the resultant number 6 (2+0+1+4=6). Then again, some other people would identify signs of intellectual uprising and mental-related health conditions. Well, if you ask me, I’d say that everyone is right in their own interpretations since they concluded their observations from knowledge and experiences. There are also increasing signs of people having diabetes or higher blood sugar levels. On global issues, there are signs of increasing and worsening hurricanes, tornadoes, and torrential rains. Shares/stocks focusing on sugar cane and vegetation food would rise. New satellites or airships could be launched, and the list goes on.

EON_Workshop_info1AOh no… I’m digressing from the focus of this article to yearly forecasting. Anyway, you can learn more on year forecast patterns at my next 10th EON@SG WORKSHOP session confirmed on 11th Jan 2014. Register now to reserve your seats early.

[Updated News: Workshop rescheduled to 25th Jan 2014]

Now back to Dan’s reflection question – as the PY chart has different resulting numbers in M-N-O-P-Q-R locations, the vibes are different and unlikely to be 99999. Therefore, we can say that every year’s reflections are different from his Birth chart, and the annual reflecting patterns would repeat every 9 years.

Happy reading…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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