Joshua Ang bids farewell to showbiz

The 21-year-old MediaCorp actor will not be extending contract to focus on his recycling business

Over an exclusive telephone interview with xinmsn, Joshua talked about the reasons for leaving and his future plans.

Let us look at the reasons that could have influence Joshua’s decision to quit, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Joshua is one person who is a ‘multitasking’ planner – he plans a lot, looking at the multiple sets of number 4 in his birth chart.

He has to balance his career and love life (if he’s attached) as his over-planning paranoid may affect his relationship. He must also learn to control his emotions.

The presence of 1-2-3 comes into his Personal Year 2010. This means the opportunity to make more money is high. He is more confident. His recycling business is attracting more customers (4-3-7) this year. He sees potential growth in his business. He wants to put in more effort to make the business a success.

Notice the close proximity of 5-3 in locations NV. Joshua has to be careful when it comes to legal contracts. Apart from some legal disagreement, he may lose some money perhaps in some other side businesses.

The 7-5-3 number combination is present in his PY2013 chart. There could be some potential disagreement over contractual issues, mainly because of financial reasons. Joshua must be careful when signing contracts. It is important that he read and understand the contractual terms, and explained them clearly to his partners and customers.

Some businesses suffer because of cash flow issues. Joshua must be careful about his dealings with his customers, especially when it comes to payment and contractual obligations.

If possible, Joshua should take some time off his busy schedule to build up his resources and knowledge on the recycling business. Understanding the complete process flow of recycling would benefit him in future.

Let us wish Joshua a wonderful and prosperous business.

Regards, Ron


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