The Accidental 6-6

In my previous article “The 6-6 Temptations”, I mentioned the irresistible urge to make more money. Now let us look at the 6-6 combination from another area. The number 6 is Metal. When you have a 6-6 combination in the chart, it denotes heavy metal. It could imply injury to the body, or having a medical operation.

Using the visualisation method, the 6-6 looks like the wheels of fast-moving machinery. It can imply any transport machineries, like the cars and trucks. When you see the 6-6 number combination, or two or more sets of number 6 in close proximity in a chart, there may be a possibility of road accident or accidental cuts on your body or limps.

Take the case of Spain’s King Juan Carlos who has just been discharged from hospital after recovering from an operation to remove a benign tumour from his right lung this month.

King Juan Carlos is experiencing a “Double Effect” vibes this year 2010. There are a few number 6s in his birth chart which are not in close proximity. However, as 2010 is a ‘double effect’ year for the 72-year old monarch, the various set of individual number 6 are doubled. This could have similar effects as the 6-6 number combination. King Juan Carlos has to take care of his health, especially his stomach, lungs and heart this year.

If the Metal is strong (i.e., too many number 6s), it may affect the respiratory system – the lungs. King Juan Carlos had a benign tumour in his right lung this year.

Do not worry too much if you have a 6-6 or multiple 6s in close proximity in your Birth chart or Personal Year chart. Now that you are aware of the effects, your subconscious mind has already started to influence on your thoughts. If you are driving, then drive carefully. Be wary of heavy vehicles (trucks, trailers).

Do not be paranoid over all these negative vibes. By now, you’d have gone through many years of double 6s or 6-6. You’re still OK, aren’t you? Think positively. Simply feel the fear, take precautions, and you can experience the success.

Regards, Ron


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