PON and EON. What’s the Diff?

The Power of Numbers (PON) theory is the basis for the numerology method described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, and the articles posted in this Web-Blog. PON focus more on the numerical patterns and behavioural traits that could influence the characteristics of a person and traits, and in many ways, their thoughts and actions.

The Elements of Numbers (EON) focused more on the elemental influences in the individual numbers, using the core fundamentals of the Five Elements theory. In a way, you can say it is an extension of the PON method taught by Dr. Oliver Tan, PhD.  Both EON and PON are complementary.

If you don’t understand the Five Elements theory, you may find the PON method easier to grasp. However, as PON also incorporated the Five Elements, you would not be able to grasp the PON methods fully. You can only apply the characteristics associated to the numbers, and not the elemental characteristics associated to each number.

Therefore, it is equally important to know the Five Elements. Don’t worry too much if you don’t understand the Five Elements.  I have included a chapter in my book to explain them. I have included illustrations and explained the various alternatives when an element is strong or weak; and the effects when you use another element.

If you are in Singapore and prefer classroom learning, I recommend you to attend Dr. Oliver Tan’s PON course. You will learn the fundamentals of PON, the various number patterns, and many more.

“Wait a minute,” I heard some of you shouting, “It’s so BASIC. There’s nothing much to learn!”

I’d like to thank Dr. Oliver Tan, for sharing his Power of Numbers knowledge with me. He opened the PON window to let us understand a person better, from a fresh perspective. What we see beyond the window depends on our own level and depth of understanding on the key fundamentals of PON. The view outside the open window is like the canvas to our life. What we see and draw on it is what we get.

When I first learned about the Five Elements in 2004, I was just as confused as many others. As I practiced and applied the Five Elements regularly in my analysis, the elemental characteristics become clearer to me. That was why I decided to do more research to find how I can look beyond the basic PON aspects.  I’m glad I did. In order not to confuse others, I decided to call my method as “Elements of Numbers” since it focuses more on the elemental energies of the numbers. I’m glad to say that without PON, there would not be any EON. And I would not be able to complete the manuscript to my first book. And you would not reading many of the articles in this EON Web-Blog.

Of course you can always get a copy of my book… if you want to learn the PON and EON methods at your own time and convenience.

Our Birth chart is like a blueprint, the Destiny road map to our Life Path.  It shows the valleys and peaks, the oceans and the bridges, and the nature around us. How well we live our life to its fullest depend mainly on us – the decisions we made and the actions taken – and not solely relying on the blueprint to our Fate and Destiny.

The windows to PON and EON are opened now. You can enjoy looking at a wider ‘panoramic’ view. It is now up to you to paint what you want to see on the canvas to your Life Path.

Regards, Ron


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