Relationships: Elizabeth Taylor and her mother

Below is a short excerpt from my book on how you can use my extended EON’s Time of Birth method to look closely at a person’s relationship with their parents.

<Excerpt – start>

For this case study, I will focus on selected aspects, based on my observations using the Birth Date, Birth Time and Combined Birth Date and Time charts.
Let us start by looking at the relationship between Elizabeth and her mother.
From the Birth Chart, the number combination in the mother’s sector is 1-5-6 (Hidden: 3). There are indications of tension and aggressiveness between Elizabeth and her mother. The fast-paced and aggressive nature could also be related to money (1-5=6).
From the Time Chart, the number combination in her mother’s sector is 2-5-7 (Hidden: 5). There are indications of one talking about principles, of expressions and of ways to gather more support from others, possibly financially. In either case, there is always the stubbornness (5) within Elizabeth or her mother to try to get her views across.
From the Combined Date and Time chart, the number combination in the mother’s sector is 3-1-4 (Hidden: 8). There are indications of one taking action quickly and as soon as the plan is made. It also shows that either Elizabeth or her mother has to push to have their plans materialize. This may result in anger, aggressiveness, and subsequently… stress (Hidden 8).
By looking at the three charts above, it is obvious that Elizabeth’s relationship with her mother is a stressful one. From Internet sources, it is clear that Elizabeth’s mother Sara was a very strong-willed woman who tended to impose her ideas on Elizabeth.

<Excerpt – end>

Check my book for more detailed explanation on how to use the Time of Birth and Combined charts.

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