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Simon became excited after reading my earlier article Beautiful Lady. He replied, “Thanks for analysing this beautiful lady. I agree with you she is beautiful and has strong sex appeal. Is it because of 7-2-9? I once saw her with not much makeup – she also looks beautiful. I do not know whether she had undergone cosmetic surgery.

The numbers 2 and 7 being a Water element can also denote sexual desire. That’s what I’ve described on Page 207 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”  I’d recommend you to get a copy of my book if you’ve not already done so, as you can check out many traits associated to the numbers 1 to 9, including the romancing vibes of 2-7-9. If you’re staying in Singapore or about to visit Singapore, you can buy my book at local major bookstores like Kinokuniya, Popular, or Times.

A person with 7-2-9 (or 2-7-9) is usually more sensual, with their sex appeal and charismatic personality – their magnetic vibes could attract others quickly. There are women with 2-7-9 or 7-2-9 who’s less pretty or beautiful but they do have the specialX-factor’ that somehow makes them attractive and friendly.

You may be thinking wild now on women with 7-2-9 (or 2-7-9) patterns. You imagined these women who flirts, enjoy “sensual pleasures”, doing “hanky-panky” business, intensify sexual needs, and so on. Stop the lusting sensual thoughts in your mind… especially if you are a man with 7-2-9 (or 2-7-9) patterns in your chart! In reality, many women with 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) are decent and have moral etiquettes. Sure enough, there are also women with similar patterns who enjoy flaunting their physical assets and manipulate others through shrewd tactics to achieve their goals.

CaseStudy_BettyWas the “beautiful” feature a part of the 7-2-9 pattern as well?

I’ve shown visual slides at my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions and used words like “high-class, jewelleries, exquisite, show off, face conscious” to associate traits to a specific number. In the Five Elements, we could correlate Betty’s beauty to the presence of certain special number in her natal chart. The elemental vibes with the sensual 7-2-9 created the visual appearance of a beautiful woman with an aroma of “sensual” pleasure.

I know you’re excited to know the number. Here’s a hintread my book. Check on the number you could correlate to “face conscious” traits. If you still cannot get the hint, attend my next EON WORKSHOP session and I’ll share the knowledge with you! You also get to identify extra traits associated to other numbers from an extended perspective.

Simon wrote, “You hit the target that she has asthma – respiratory problem. But how do you derived about the immune and mental problem? I can check with her when I meet her again on her immune but of course not on her mental problem.”

Most people associate “mental problem” or “mental condition” to the common signs of madness, bipolar, and craziness. Yes, these are the extreme cases but in general it could imply

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could imply that Betty could easily get emotional occasionally.

“You are also right that she is perfectionist. She wants things to be done in almost perfect way including meals. How do you find out? Wow! You are damn good. Thanks again for sharing,” wrote Simon.

Your observatory skills could be better than mine with regular case study practises. But first, you need to understand the fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and apply its techniques correctly. And when you’ve attended my EON WORKSHOP session, you should easily identify more clues and view the charts on both macro and micro levels. I’d correlate the perfectionist trait to the 1-8-9 (or 8-1-9) pattern, as mentioned in many of my earlier articles.

On a side note, Betty has both the “Social Intelligence” and “Academic Intelligence” traits, and is both street smart and book smart. This means that she could easily portray the gracious look, and (often) get others to carry out her actions quickly (with slight effort) to help achieve her desired visions.

Betty must be careful not to over promise quickly for instant successes or gratifications. The tendency signs for next year (2014) could suggest financial loss, contractual disagreement, or possible legal entanglements at extreme cases. In short, she has to be prudent in her spending to reduce financial loss, and be mindful when signing legal contracts now!

Betty must stay focus and not swayed by wavery thoughts (like changing her plans abruptly) which could distract her from having a purposeful life. She should strive to achieve her goals through moral and ethical means, and control her emotions and unnecessary mental worries. Perhaps Simon may want to deliver this advice to Betty the next time when he sees her.

For all you know, Betty may not be the person with the negative traits I’ve mentioned earlier. Perhaps Betty could have inhibited many of the positive traits because of good family upbringing and moral influences. With positive vibes, she could convince others that she’s not just a “beautiful companion” but a woman of virtue and substance.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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