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Steven continues to apply the fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) as his curiosity and knowledge increases.  We’d an interesting email correspondence recently and I’d like to share them with you here so we can all learn and share our thoughts on the EON method. Here’s an excerpt from our emails…

[Steven] On Page 218 of your book, you mentioned the number of children. Are there any new findings or research to further support the findings? Need the number 1 be present within the triangle or can it be outside and still mean the same? That is, is the total number of children the sum of number 1 inside and outside the triangle?

[Ron] With the advancement in IVF and contraceptives, determining how many children a person may have is no longer of importance. A woman may have 5 kids but if she only wants 2, on what basis can we determine the accuracy of the potential total versus the current total kids? I have not pursued this area as there are more important fact findings I can enhance on EON and extend its fundamentals.

[Steven] I have acquaintances asking me about their ability and possibility to have kids, and asked if numerology can tell that. I supposed they are looking at the natural way of bearing kids, and not so much of technology or IVF or other methods. I wish I can give a more definitive answer, but can’t back it up with any facts or evidence. Btw, what sort of more important fact findings are you looking at, to enhance on EON and extend its fundamentals?

Angelina_BradOn Page 218 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling“, I mentioned we can use ‘predictive observation’ to find out the general signs on the number of biological children a couple can have. I also mentioned checking on the number of children may no longer be accurate due to some reasons.

Let’s look at a scenario – if “Couple A” has 10 sets of number 1 in their charts, can we assume this couple would have 10 kids? Let’s say you told “Couple B” they could have up to 3 kids. And they happily continue their unprotected sexual pleasures since they already have 3 kids. And they trusted you that they “couldn’t” have any more kids. And suddenly, the wife became pregnant and nine months later, their 4th kid is born.

It is dangerous to play “God” and make claims that you know how many children a married couple CAN have. I’m also wary of fortune-tellers (and metaphysics professionals) insisting they know the total number of kids a couple currently HAS. And not how many children they COULD have. No one can be 100% certain because there’s always the “hits and misses.” And these could create unnecessary financial burden to the couple.

I recalled the excitement I’d when I noticed tendency patterns I could correlate to children, and decided to include that in my book. I did not include the method to find out the number of kids. I noticed there are the inaccuracies that, if misinterpreted, could cause financial strain to the family when their ‘unplanned’ child is born.

You need to understand and identify the external vibes too, and not just looking at the natal chart. The Personal Year and the Universal Year charts – these could influence the “elemental vibes” to manifest the X and Y chromosomes. Hint… hint. That’s why some couples tried so hard to have a child but could not. But soon after they “gave up hope,” the wife “accidentally” got pregnant. Besides the level of stress, you must look at the periodic vibes that could influence a person’s sensual mind and mental state. Anyhow, I have provided tendency clues in my book. Perhaps Steven could do research to find a ‘sure-win’ way to identify the exact number of children a couple could have; whether the number 1 inside or outside locations I-O has relevance to the total sum, and then share his findings with us.

 “Btw, what sort of more important fact findings are you looking at, to enhance on EON and extend its fundamentals?”

EON_Workshop_ChildBirthI’d prefer spending my research time on identifying tendency signs that has broad base use where more people could learn to help themselves. Sure, there are times where certain discoveries could spin-off interesting findings useful only to a smaller group of people. I could extend my focus beyond the ‘children’ numbers, like using a telephoto lens to zoom in on far distance subjects. I noticed tendency signs that could suggest the vibes of pregnancy, complications (like C-birth), and at extreme cases, miscarriage. I’ve shared my knowledge on these signs at my EON WORKSHOP sessions to minimise misinterpretations and assumptions.

Other areas of enhancement made include the layout of the Universal and Personal Year vibes added into my EON Software which allows anyone to identify the periodic vibes that could affect a person.

“I have acquaintances asking me about their ability and possibility to have kids… I wish I can give a more definitive answer, but can’t back it up with any facts or evidence.”

Even with today’s advancement in medical and health technology, medical professionals still could not determine the total number of children a couple can have. They do not have a 100% accurate way to gather a method to decide the number of children. Note that we are focusing on humans with dynamic holistic conditions and not some statistical equations we could apply using mathematical formula.

It’s never easy to back up your claims that you know how many kids a couple can have. There are just too many considerations you need to factor in to summarise your conclusions. Imagine telling others they could have “x” number of kids BUT first and foremost to achieve that they need this, and they need that; they must do this, and they must do that. It’s tiring for them to follow all the rules and conditions they should do just to bear a child. The undue stress caused could make matter worst.

Eventually, a couple should not spend unnecessary time to know how many children they could have. What’s important is the quality time they could afford to provide and spend on the child. Besides the financial means, family upbringing and values inculcated during a child’s growing up years is important to build up the good character in their child.

If the couple can afford to have more kids, go ahead and just do it. And let nature takes its course….


Regards, Ron WZ Sun  


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