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I was plotting Gerard’s chart using my EON (Android) software when a video suddenly pops up on the phone screen. “I must have pressed a wrong button,” I thought. The video then shows a large fruit garden on fire, burning ferociously. A nearby shack was burning and I could see parts of the zinc roof breaking away. There are sounds of explosions, followed by metallic objects shooting upwards with bright trail of sparkles. Nearby, there are some people with similar expressions on their faces – sadden look, signs of emotional tension, fear, worries, and frustrations. It was unbearable to watch the fire burning away ferociously. The video suddenly stop and exited, and there was Gerard’s chart displayed on the screen again. I noticed there were similarities on the video scenes to the tendency signs present on Gerard’s chart. 

Gerard sent me an email earlier and wrote, “I like to share with you that I joined the Real Estate industry last December 2012. I have not close any sales deal yet. I am not sure if it’s due to luck or I am not cut out to be property agent? I’m extremely stressful now. Any advice?”

I’ve included a section “Career and Business” on Page 145 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I’ve also added a reference table in my book suggesting the suitable elements for your career and/or business based on the elements of your Root number. I’ve highlighted the need to consider the reference table as a general guide to the ideal career or business you can be in, and you should not take them as absolute references. You may want to check out Pages 145 – 148 of my book for more information and reasons.

While researching on the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods, I noticed the Career/Business Types may not be applicable for all people because of the “varying strengths” of individual’s charts. A career that’s suitable for one person may be unsuitable for another even if they have similar birth charts.

As I was writing this article, I noticed I could split Gerard’s case study into two parts. Besides focusing on the career portion, I felt I could share my observations on the possible causes affecting a person’s career relevance. For example, two people having identical academic qualifications and holding similar jobs could produce different results because of their experiences, behaviours, habits, and working attitudes.

In this “Part 1” article, let’s look at Gerard’s chart and focus on the tendency vibes that could affect his personality and behaviours. Can you identify the tendency signs from the video scenes?  Well, you’ll know yourself and others better once you can identify the tendency traits associated to the video scenes. If you can’t, it’s OK… try reading my book to understand the fundamentals of the numbers present in a person’s chart.

[Ron] How’s your relationship with your family, and others (at work)?

[Gerard] My relationship with my children is good and is normal with my wife. We may have disagreement. I have been practising tolerance all these while.

[Ron] How’s your blood pressure level and blood sugar level? Are they OK?

[Gerard] OK, for this I need to check and get back.

CaseStudy_GerardI could sense the frequent endurance Gerard has to put up to ensure his relationship with the wife and family members are not straining further. The vibes from the multiple sets of 8-4-3 (and 4-8-3) present in his chart could have influenced him somehow. Although I did not have the birthdate of Gerard’s wife, the tendency signs suggest they could have spent more days (and possibly nights) getting into emotional and fiery quarrels last year (2012). Chances are, they could still be feeling the vibes the past few months triggering slight disagreement into undue tempers. The vibes present suggest the probable cause of his frequent arguments could stem from his “stubborn perfectionist trait” to help others more than to his family members.

Having said that, Gerard may not had experience the ‘emotional tensions’ mentioned as a person could still take charge of their life and redirect their focus on other meaningful areas. For example, there are people (like monks, nuns, pastors, humanitarians) who may have similar birthdates but they don’t display excessive emotional angriness towards others.

I’m glad Gerard has been “practising tolerance all these while.” Gerard must remind himself that any changes to a person’s mindset, behaviours, and actions must first start with him as he is like the matchstick that could easily create sparkles and start a fire any time. Gerard must take cooling measures like becoming more understanding and empathetic towards his family and others.

BANNER5Yes, learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) could help Gerard understand others (and himself) better. When Gerard could identify the traits in people’s charts, he’d know that “they are who they are.”  And when he can accept their personality traits and focus on people’s strengths than their faults, his “social and life perspectives” would change positively. He must understand that being perfect is stressful, and persistently chasing for the eventual perfect vision/dream could affect his health and relationship with others. He must understand that it’s normal to be a little imperfect. And when he can accept that consciously, he could enrich his own happiness and health; and the opportunity to spend more quality moments with his family.

I’ve posted many case study charts with multiple 4s and 9s, and have mentioned influencing traits like scheming, suicidal, bipolar disorder, domestic violence, and mental madness. I hope Gerard is not experiencing one of these signs. He could ask his wife or family members if he’s unsure. If necessary, he can always take a bold step and seek professional medical help or talk to a counsellor about his problems. Practising relaxation exercise like meditation, or taking up classes in TaiChi, QiGong, Reiki, or Yoga could help reduce his emotions and angers.

BANNER4Gerard may want to review past incidents that had happened around 9 or 18 years ago, and see if he could identify similar signs to his current health and mental state, and perhaps on his career. Better still, if he could identify wrong doings or misjudgement in the decisions he undertook in the past, it’d be great. He could start taking action now to right the wrongs to prevent history from repeating as today’s action could affect his future’s life experiences.

It’s hard for Gerard to remain tolerant and control his emotions. And he shouldn’t control them for too long as it could affect his blood pressure and blood sugar level. And the more he should go for regular medical test to check that his heart, blood pressure, and cholesterols are at healthy level.  Gerard must consciously remind himself the negative vibes could influence his thoughts and behaviours. It could affect his working attitude at work, and create unnecessary tension or even jealousy among his peers. It’d do him good to keep an optimistic outlook and act positively if he wants to flip the energies around and overcome the current emotional and mental blocks.

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That’s all I could comment on the tendency signs that may influence Gerard’s traits and behaviours. I’d encourage Gerard to attend my next EON Workshop once I’ve confirmed the schedule. I’ll be explaining on the career issues in the next “Part 2” article.

Meanwhile, let me highlight that a suitable career can bring more stress and unhappiness to some people; and an unsuitable career could bring happiness and joy to others. Eventually, your work attitude depends on your mental, physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual state of the mind.  You can look forward to a “better in every way” feeling once you can accept challenges, adapt, and change.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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