Double Whammy Day on a Double Whammy Year

Have you started reading my book? Have you been digesting and analysing my past articles? Can you remember the effects when a person is having a “Double Effect” Year? If you have not read my book or the past articles, please do so. It is important to understand the potential effects (positive and negative ones) and take precaution on the negative vibes.

Unfortunately many people forget about the negative vibes and instead, chose to believe or ignore, and manifested on the positive vibes.

I’d discovered the effects on a Double Effect” Year while doing my Elements of Numbers (EON) research. I wanted to look beyond the fundamentals of the “Power of Numbers” (PON) taught by Dr Oliver Tan, and similar numerology methods taught by other trainers.

I’d encourage you to get my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you are serious about learning and making your life better. Learn to identify a “Double Effect” Year, the potential “Double Blessing” and the consequential “Double Whammy” energies. When a person is having a “Double Effect” Year, they need to take extra precaution over the negative vibes while manifesting on the positive ones.

Now, let me share a new discovery with you. It doesn’t matter much to me whether you are a PON trainer, expert consultant or just an EON enthusiast. All I want is for you to learn how to protect yourself, your health, your life and those of your loved ones.

Let’s start with a case study on an unfortunate incident that started with a quarrel and ended in death. In this article, it was reported that a Hong Kong football star had jumped to his death after quarrelling with his wife over their relationship and money.

Let’s look at Cheung Sai-Ho’s Birth chart. Can you see the 8-4-3-7-2-9 in his Birth Chart? Can you also see the same set of numbers 8-4-3-7-2-9 in his Personal Year 2011 (PY2011) chart?

The number combinations 8-4-3 could imply relationship problems. 7-2-9 could imply relationship with another person. Check my past articles and my book to find out the reasons.

DISCLAIMER NOTE: Let me reiterated the possible external relationship is based on the signs suggested in the number patterns present in his charts. It does NOT necessary imply Cheung has an external close relationship with someone of the opposite gender.

The 6-6-3 effects on the Year 2011 implied money-related issues.  Here’s one more sign – the number 9. If you recalled, I did mentioned the number in location R may provide clue to the “result” occasionally.

Using Visualisation method, we can associate the number 9 (Wood) to a tall tree or tall building, in modern context. 9 (Wood) is also associated to emotions. When the thoughts (7-2, Water) rule the mind, the person can easily get emotional. On extreme end, the result can be deadly.

Confused? Read my past articles. Better still, read my book to understand further.

If you have a similar birth chart, always exercise tolerance when you see the 8-4-3 number combinations. When it appears in your Personal Year chart, it can hasten the “Yin and Yang” energies. It’s up to you to manifest the “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” vibes when you’re on a “Double Effect” Year. After all, it’s your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS that control the RESULT. In short, YOU ASK FOR IT.

What did the title of this article tells you? Isn’t it frightening?

Now, it’s your turn to do some exercise. Plot the day chart (22nd April 2011) where Cheung fell and died. Can you see identical numbers in locations MNOPQ (and R)?

It’s has a “Double Effect Day on a Double Effect Year” implication. The manifestation of energies (positive and negative) could be tripled on that unfortunate day. Cheung could have experienced a “Double Whammy Day on a Double Whammy Year”. It affected his thoughts and emotions, and increased his fiery tempers.

There are other signs in his birth and PY2011 chart. It could imply communication breakdown. Maybe, there’s no third-party person involved. Perhaps, it could be misunderstanding or “fast-gossip” (3-2) that triggered the heated quarrel.

Learning Elements of Numbers (EON) is NOT about boasting your ability to analyse what had happened. There’s no point in doing case studies on incidents that had already happened. Anyone can cook up a story that looks convincing considering all the related facts. What’s important is to learn how to identify possible threats and health conditions that MAY affect you. It’s better to rely on the cautious side.

Once you have identified the signs, take remedial actions to prevent such incident from happening. Learn to relax and calm your emotional thoughts. If you tell me that you had experienced “nothing negative” in your previous “Double Effect” Years, it could imply you may have done something right previously. Perhaps you were less emotional or you were focusing on other less stressful tasks. Perhaps your ethical and moral principles are reinforcing on your thoughts when there are opportunities to sway your mind into the darker realms of lust and fantasy. Read the 7-2 and Water effects explained in my book.

It doesn’t mean if you’d “survived” umpteenth times during previous “Double Effect” Years, you can now become complacent. It’s not about your “been there, done that” experience. It’s about continual prevention on your life. Learn what the Past has taught you. Then take positive and remedial action in the Present moment. With the right attitude and perspective, you can look forward to have a better, healthier and successful Future.

While you take conscientious effort to protect your physical and mental health, you can charge forward to turn the situation around to make it a “Double Blessing Day on a Double Blessing Year”.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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