Using EON to Analyse Dates

By now, many Singaporeans would know that May 7th 2011 is the Polling Day where we vote the party to represent our constituency and the government.

Two weeks before the government announced the Polling and Nomination dates, there has been speculation on the possible dates – 3rd May and 7th May. I was reading the newspaper articles on the reasons backing up the speculative dates. I then asked myself whether I could identify possible signs to find out which day (3rd or 7th) would be ideal, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

The method used is unlike the usual forecasting approach I did for analysing the yearly events that may happen. This time, it’s like deciding which date has a higher chance to be the Polling Day.

I quickly plotted the EON chart for Singapore using 9th August 1965 as the birth date. The screenshot is from the “Registered” version of my EON (Android) software. From the “Annual View” of my EON software, I could easily identify the possible Polling day. Now, let me share my discoveries with you.

The Personal Day for 3rd May is number 2. It’s all about communication, expression and gossiping. The Universal Day energy for the day is number 3, which is about passion, fast and fiery desire. When we looked at the number combinations (3+2=5), it could imply obstacles and radical movement (and possibly changes) that may not be “favourable” to the ruling party.

The Personal Day for 7th May is number 6. It’s all about home and security. In short, it’s about stability and future (economy, wealth) of the country, in the eyes of the ruling party. The Universal Day energy for the day is 7, reinforcing network and supporters. Together (7+6=4), it’d strengthen supporters’ acceptance to the ruling party’s manifestos for a better “foundational” growth and future for the people and the country.

Given the energies between the Personal Day and Universal Day energies, naturally 7th May 2011 has more favourable energies than 3rd May 2011, to the ruling party.

For the first time, I have publicly released the screenshot for the Annual section of my EON (Android) software. It’s easier for me to evolve EON by adapting the best practices from other metaphysics systems. This is mainly due to the experience I’ve build up while researching and developing metaphysics software. I could expand EON and bring the analytical fundamentals to a new level.

Besides other discoveries I have made, including the Time of Birth formula, you can now use the EON methodologies for look beyond the “basic” analysis. Many people would start adapting the theories I’ve mentioned here to their teachings and analysis. I strongly believe in the phrase “To Teach is To Learn Twice”. The more discoveries I have shared (give) with others, the more new discoveries I shall made (receive).  I can improve EON with newer complementary functions through my continual research.

If you have any question or would like to share your discoveries with me, please feel free to send me an email. I have freely shared my discoveries with you here through my articles. Please help to spread the good feelings around to others about what you have learned from the EON articles I have posted. Let them know about EON, buy my book and support my research findings and workshops.

With that, I hope you can learn and take action to create a better, healthier and positive life for you and your loved ones.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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