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Cindy was concerned with her career and financial future and asked my friend Steven if I could do a case study analysis on her birthdate.

I thought it’d be great to share some observations on her tendency traits with you first before I focus on her career and financial future.

CaseStudy_CindyCindy is prone to carelessness especially when she’s stressed up or feeling angry – that’s where she might put aside her meticulous habits and overlooked things. And that’s how it create unpleasant disagreements and communication strains with others, be they with family members at home, colleagues at work, or with her social friends.  Loss of money is imminent whenever she is distracted – either through carelessness or unnecessary lifestyle indulgence.

Enriching her wealth is not an issue for the success-driven person but at times she could find it tiring and feeling the financial strains, mainly from external factors. Whatever it is, she should avoid making fast plans or carrying out plans without proper confirmation first. Sure, she might have the instinctive and intuitive traits and the ‘feelings’ about things going her way. But that overconfident feelings could at times becomes a liability when Murphy’s Law comes true, that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

“But she’s a perfectionist, and do check her plans before carrying them out,” I sensed some of you saying.

Sure, a perfectionist is often a meticulous person. But when a person is stressful and distracted, the fastidious mood swings kick in. The “I need to do this, and I also need to do that” attitude is prominent and that’s when she noticed the stumbling blocks. The result – hasty carrying out her plans just to keep her promises. Others are not happy and may take legal action, or try to sabotage her or gossiping behind her back.

Diabetic_TendenciesShe has to cut down on sweet food if she’s currently having such sweet cravings. This helps to reduce the diabetic tendencies present in her chart. Besides the sweet desserts and cakes, it’d be healthier for her to cut down intake on rice, potatoes, smoking, and alcoholic or soda drinks.

There are signs of shifting career vibes during these periods. It’s more obvious last year where there might be major issues affecting her career. The 8-4-3 in her PY2014 chart suggest strained relationships with others. The 3-7-1 [Tempers-Supporters-Alone] could suggest she might be  the one creating the fiery sparks igniting the ‘office politicking’ and negative atmosphere at work. It could also imply communication strains (like bickering and fiery quarrels) at home with family members and loved ones, with her social friends, or with the legal officers. Perhaps she might have felt betrayed by ‘empty promises’ made by other people, or obstacles created by competitors after investing on business deals with ‘quick ROI profits’.

CONFIDENCEThe 3-8-2 [Fast-Stress-Talk] in her PY2015 chart suggest she might be feeling stressful trying to communicate to others. The relentless pursuit to convince others and regaining their trust is strong. But as said, no matter how quick-witted and fast-thinker she can be, she must strive to slow down her pace, read, and understand the ‘fine print’ especially on legal or contractual agreements.

The 3-8-2 can also imply [Creativity-Responsibility-Communicate]. This means she has to think of creative ways to revise her plans, carry them out responsibly, and update (communicate) others on the project status and timeline. There could be potential overseas investment or opportunities coming her way this year, if it’s not already present.

CONTROL_FINANCEThe 1-5-6 pattern [Alone-Stubborn-Money] is present in Cindy’s PY2015 chart as well. This could suggest the need to be mindful and prudent in her financial spending. It could also reinforce the “nothing venture, nothing gain” or “failure is the mother of success” phrases. What this means is that as long as Cindy can draw on her meticulous traits and strategise her plans (including careful financial spending), she might gain the success needed.

There are positive signs on better financial returns especially at the later part of the year, and especially next year. The 3-9-3-3-6-9 pattern is present in her PY2016 chart which imply fast success and moneymaking returns. On practical side, it also means the likelihood of a rollercoaster-ride where “money comes and goes’ quickly. She might enjoy fast ROI on her investments but she has to save enough portions of her financial returns for backup purpose.

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Numbers & HealthAs long as Cindy can stay calm and remain focus, there is a possibility her career and financial state would be better this year. And while she experience the success, she must consciously keep a healthy mental state by eating healthier food and going for regular exercises. And probably doing regular meditation too. She must manage and control her emotions and tempers, as overexerting the negative vibes could manifest the unhealthy symptoms. There are tendency signs suggesting she might falls within the ‘high risk’ group of people with cancerous and diabetic tendencies.  I’d suggest she consider going for regular medical check-ups and mammogram screenings, for a healthier physical and mental wellness.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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