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I came up with a few chart designs before feeling comfortable with the final design for my EON chart layout and included it in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I then improved the connection lines in the EON chart for my EON (Android) software. This provides easier visual view of the connectivity links in numbers (and its associated elements) present in the chart.

EON_ChartDesignOn hindsight, it looks like a person sitting down with legs folding and arms stretching out in meditation pose. I believed there is a connection in the numbers located in U and X similar to our arms connecting to our shoulder and body.

I’ve noticed there are connecting links suggesting various tendency signs from the elements and numbers (in locations U and M, X and N) in the EON chart. Many people could not identify such connections easily when they look at PON or UCM charts. Every number (example, number 9) in the chart has its own influencing vibes and when you connect two numbers (example, 9-6), it forms new influencing vibes that could affect a person differently. This means that our profiling observations could be subjective when we don’t see the two connected numbers.

CaseStudy_RihannaLet me explain more by using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method on a case study.  This recent online article quoted that Rihanna was left ‘effectively bankrupt’ at the end of 2009. This means she lost money. Fortunately, she managed to take action to stop before she suffered more financial lost.

It’s easy to associate the number patterns 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 to the loss of money, carelessness, and financial oversight. It’s not just the direct pattern order (like 5-7-3, or 7-5-3) that has an effect on the person. In fact any sequence of the three numbers 3, 5, 7 (like 5-3-7) has an eventual impact too except the ‘contributing’ sequence could be different. At extreme end, the person can make a choice whether to file for bankruptcy or to negotiate for amicable repayment financing.

In her PY2010 chart, the three numbers (7, 3, and 5) are present in the locations O, N, and V. We can associate the number patterns to possible money lost. Since the number 5 is in V location, we can deduce an external influence affecting her financial spending.

EON_Workshop_20131109At my past workshops, I’ve shown slides on the connectivity link of the numbers in different influencing sectors – formative, internal, and external. I found, through my research, it was easier to identify extra clues that may influence a person’s life aspects.  But when I looked at the charts from PON, UCM, and others, there are no easy visual telling signs suggesting the connectivity influences.

I’ve shared with my EON students (those who’d attended my past EON Workshop sessions) the numbers in location P-Q-R of a chart could provide extra clues on a person’s action. In addition, you can identify likely behaviours and thoughts from the numbers found elsewhere in the chart.

Influencing VibesIn Rihanna’s PY2010 chart, the 1-2-3 pattern is in locations P-Q-R which could imply financial gains. When we piece the puzzles together, it could suggest there is probable money lost because of carelessness, disagreement, or contractual disputes. Her actions resulted in some financial gain eventually as she could have lost all her money and join the bankruptcy club.

Since the ‘money lost’ and ‘financial gain’ influencing vibes are present in her PY2010 chart, it doesn’t imply Rihanna has diluted or dissolved the year’s negative vibes.  There is a possibility she may experience similar rhythmic signs if she’s not careful. This could be mainly because of her annual influences on her creating the responsible attitude to focus on her ambitions and gain the success she needs amid the challenges and obstacles. According to the Wikipedia page, Rihanna has achieved major worldwide success, reaching number one for her songs in over twenty countries in 2010.

Wait a minute, she’s lost much money in late 2009 and I should be check on her PY2009 chart and not her PY2010 chart!!!

YearEnergiesYes, you’re right technically as we should look at the specific year’s chart for clues. However, we should not dismiss the influencing vibes coming from previous and following years as the Qi energies do not start immediately on 1st Jan and ends abruptly at 31st Dec of the year.

Her PY2009 chart suggested the plan to have a home (4-2-6) and have the perfect house she can lives in (8-1-9). Fortunately, the following year energies (PY2010) had influenced her thoughts and actions.

EON_Workshop_info1AThe annual energies this year (2014) could influence her to express herself more (through music and other means) to strengthen her financial status (and home). This implies that she may be on the move frequently, travelling around and possibly stressing herself. There is a possibility she may unleash her passionate and creative expressions (in her music) that could create compelling impression on her supporters. Nevertheless, Rihanna has to take care of her health (including cutting down on her smoking and binge drinking if she’s into it) and slow down her relentless pursuits (causing mental and physical stress) when health symptoms surface especially during Fall/Autumn onwards. There are signs of possible relationship strains too. This is mainly because of the manifestation of the “Double Effect” vibes that may affect her next year (2015).

That’s all for today’s article.  Have fun digesting. If you’re still confused, why not take some time off your busy schedule to support me at my 10th EON Workshop (more for PON/UCM/LQ students) or sign up for the Basic or Advance Level courses organised by EON INSPIRE. I’ll explain the reasons and share with you more interesting techniques that could lift up your profiling skills beyond the visibility, life, science and power of numbers.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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