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I was at a community club canteen two Sundays ago (22/3/2015), waiting for the wife to finish the ‘kueh’ (Asian cakes) baking class. I maximised the 2.5-hour waiting time by analysing sample birthdates of participants who attended my preview session the week earlier on 13/3/2015. I began typing the profiling observations on my tablet with an external wireless keyboard for future case study articles.

Sitting at the next table was this loud-speaking lady talking to her friend. I didn’t bother listening to what they’re conversing about. I started to listen ‘attentively’ when she told her friend loudly that she’s learning Bazi recently and “is good” at Bazi profiling. “Great. I like that,” I told myself. Imagine my shrewd but wryly smile when she unreservedly shared her birthdate (1st December 1964) to her friend. That, to me, is one extra general case study subject for me to profile.

CaseStudy_ChattyI decided to analyse her chart using the NSQ Profiling method. Ok, ok… the real reason – I’d forgotten to bring along my ‘backup’ smartphone where I’d installed the FEON+ software. I was ‘too lazy’ (on a relaxing Sunday) to plot her EON chart on paper and decided it’s easier and faster to plot an NSQ chart instead.

You can complement your EON profiling analysis to include the NSQ Profiling method. The NSQ Profiling is easy to learn since I based the method on the common nine-square chart method. However, my NSQ Profiling method is an extension and it allows me to analyse a person’s birth chart beyond the numbers present in the nine grids. That also includes my unique method to check a person’s character strengths and behavioural impulse and intelligence indicators. Plus, using EON-principles to check on the NSQ chart!

CONFIDENCEThe lady (let’s give her a nickname “Chatty”) is a loud, optimistic, and confident person who can express herself and communicate with others easily. The tendency signs also suggest she’s a quick-learner with strong logical reasoning mindset. Yes, the proud, boastful, innovative, and self-egoistic nature is present, including the emotional and tactless traits. Her pursuing interest in Bazi could be a blessing in disguise to harmonise her curiosity and inquisitive traits, and the urge to know more about others through metaphysical means. I noticed a wavering tendency in her chart. The quick-thinking talker might (at early stage) find it harder to analyse a person’s Bazi chart beyond the superficial layer. It’s not only her lack of sustainability and passion. The tendency signs also suggest lacking of inquisitiveness beyond the surface, and a person lacking of emotion, empathetic and self-responsibility nature toward others. Given time and continual practises, I believe her profiling skills and knowledge depth would improve. A missing number in the NSQ chart implies the need for the person to strengthen and manifest the relevant positive vibes associated of the number. Therefore, Chatty would be able to identify more traits in a person’s Bazi chart as long as she’s able to continue her interest in metaphysical profiling, be more humble, and manage her emotional balance. Otherwise, her profiling passion might be the short-termed “I also want to know” fad just because her many other friends are ‘into’ Bazi profiling.

nsq_sampleThis year Chatty may feel more confident and determined in continuing her interests and goals. Her communication skills and tactfulness have improved, making her more eloquent. But she has to conscientiously take note her increasing overbearing confidence (and boastfulness) could distract her from looking at issues from an obvious, practical standpoint. These distractions could have swayed her towards unrealistic path creating more mental stress and unnecessary worries for her. When done right, she should have no problem profiling a person whether using Bazi or even EON/NSQ for the matter.

Nowadays, more people are keen to know their inner personalities and others. It’s important to be tactful when profiling and highlighting a person’s negative traits. Telling the married couples who’re keen to patch back their spousal relationship that it’s NOT possible because one of them has the ‘confirmed divorced’ sign in the chart is hurtful and uncalled-for. Our purpose to learn a profiling system is because we want to identify the personality, character, and traits (their strengths and weaknesses) of a person. We also want to explore the possibilities to strengthen the positive energies while harmonise the negative vibes. We should not naively focus on the extreme negative side and assumed its eventual outcome on the person. It’s normal for married couples to disagree or quarrel occasionally on differing views. But it’s NOT normal to assume couples who quarrels often would eventually separate or divorce.

ACTIONHere’s another analogy using the EON principles. If you see a person’s chart has multiple 1-2-3 or 9-6-6 patterns, can you assumed and confidently said the person is filthy rich and has lots of money? And he or she is a confirmed millionaire? Even if the properties and assets or beneficiary wealth comes from inheritance, it’s up to the person to manage and grow his wealth and assets. You may have read about instant millionaires who won in lottery and gambling game of chance. You felt they’re so damn lucky and envy them for their luck, and you probably wished you’re just as lucky as them. Sadly, many of these ‘instant millionaires’ could not keep their sudden wealth and eventually became just as poor, if not poorer than they are before they won the winning prize. Sure, they could have the 1-2-3 or 9-6-6 patterns but they still have to take action to manage their expectations after grabbing the opportunity (to increase their wealth and assets) when it comes. Sitting down thinking and doing nothing is just as good as reliving your dreams like reading a fantasy book where dreams do come true only in the fictional DreamWorld.

Chatty has the potential to build her profiling knowledge well as long as she’s mindful of her strengths… and weaknesses. She has to manifest and maximise the potentials, and dilute the negativities to harmonise the energies. I hope Chatty can help improve other people’s lives from her Bazi analysis.

After completing the draft for this article, the curiosity mind sits in. I plotted her EON chart to compare my NSQ and EON observations. Sure, there are similarities in the traits present, just as there are different traits present in the EON and NSQ charts. This is common since we are analysing a person’s birth dates from two different profiling methods. Once we can understand the strengths and limits of each method, it’d be useful and often handy to use both methods to complement our profiling observations.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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