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UPDATE: You can now purchase my book online and from Singapore bookstores. Check this link for more information.

After completing the manuscript for my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” in December 2009, I was deciding whether to publish it locally (in Singapore) or overseas. I wanted to reach out to a wider group as I believe many people can benefit from learning about the PON/EON system covered in my book. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to get my book published overseas, and users can buy the book from online stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Since I started this web-blog in mid June, many people have improved their knowledge after reading the articles posted here. I am also aware there are professionals and PON trainers who visited my site regularly to gather tips and techniques, and then adapted it into their commercial training courses.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your intention is. I sincerely welcome all to learn and build up your own experiences, and share it with others along the way. If you’re a trainer, get your students to learn EON too!

A trainer teach… a researcher explain. I learned the basics of the Power of Numbers (PON) from Dr. Oliver Tan, PhD who has done much research in the areas of numbers. I began my own research focusing on the numbers associated to the Five Elements. The extra discoveries from my research formed the basis for my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. As both of us are doing our own research in our own focused area, there are so many complementary methods in PON and EON that you can use to know and understand yourself and others better.

Dr. Oliver Tan started his PON course in Singapore some years back. Since then, the number of students has increased as well. That also contributed to the increased in emails I’ve received from Singapore users about my book. Many PON students are now “eager to learn” more techniques beyond PON. Then there are people who wanted to learn PON but could not afford the course fee, or the time. My book comes handy for anyone to learn EON.

As there has been constant requests from local users and those living in neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, I have decided to self-publish my book here in Singapore too. This would also benefit overseas users who find it more convenient to visit Singapore and buy the book “along the way”. I’ll be getting it printed in limited quantities for a start due to extra financial investment needed. If all goes well, you should be able to buy my book at local bookstores by end September. So, spread the word around, and get your friends and colleagues to visit this site, and get them to buy a copy of my book too.

Stay tuned for more good news soon. Until then, have a wonderful week ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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