Ben on Stimulants

Ben replied to me about his case study that I’ve posted two days ago. He told me he has reduced his gambling urge and is trying to save money. He intended to “spend more soon”, and I hope he’d spend more for practical purpose other than for gambling.

I also suggested Ben to start taking a proper healthy diet. In Ben’s words “I only take sugary food when I am feeling giddy (only happens like once a month) and it helps me balance my pressure.”

Ben took sugary food more as a stimulant to reduce his stress. Can high sugar intake reduce stress? Maybe it gave him the ‘high’ effect. It’s all in the mind, and not the body. Just like what some people did to stimulate the ‘high’ effect by smoking, drinking and taking drugs.

Constant tricking of the mind will do more harm than good, to the body and financially. Each time Ben feels stressful, the sugary food is the instant medication. Over time, it becomes a habitual procedure for him. Soon after, there may be an urge to increase the sugar to ‘make it more effective’ since the body is ‘immune’ to the initial sugar intake amount. Over the years, the sugar in the blood may increases to an unhealthy level, and having diabetes may soon be a reality.

Health conditions do not happen overnight. If left untreated, diabetes can cause health problems including impotence, amputation, blindness, and heart diseases.

The purpose of learning Elements of Numbers (EON) is not for a quick cure to transform the negative energies into positive ones, in the shortest possible time. EON is not just about numbers, elements, and numerology. In fact, it is more than that. If you have read my book, you’d know what I mean. It encompasses a holistic approach where you can understand and better yourself. Learning the Elements of Numbers is a self-help lifelong skill set for a lifetime experienceone that you can apply until your last breadth. If you don’t take care of your health now, you have only yourself to blame should your health condition worsens during your aging years.

Ben commented that my brief analysis has “more negative factors than positive ones.” That is intentional.  Here, I’m sharing my analysis using EON. If you want to know the good points, then get the book. The good and negative points are all stated there.

As I’m passing on my knowledge here and sharing my experiences, it is equally important that you should try to identify your weaknesses first and then corrected it by taking positive actions. The “Law of Attraction” usually works when we think, feel, and act positively. What we think, we attract.

We should always consciously tell ourselves to Feel the Fear, and Experience the Success.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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