The Whys of 8-4-3 and 4-8-3 patterns

One unique feature of Elements of Numbers (EON) is the ability to identify certain ‘probable effects’ by using patterns associated to certain sets of numbers at close proximity.

Take the case of the 8-4-3 or 4-8-3 number combinations. If you are new to the EON method, the 8-4-3 and 4-8-3 number combinations imply possible relationship issues when they are present in your birth chart or Personal Year chart.

Why 8-4-3 or 4-8-3? Why does it lead to relationship issues most of the time?

Let us look at one possible theory.

When we combine the first two sets of numbers 4+8 or 8+4, we get the resultant number 3. The number 3 by itself denotes a burning ‘fiery’ desire; it is a ‘passionate’ number. It is also a number that relates to a love triangle.

Now, when we combine this resultant number 3 with the third set (also a number 3), it transforms into a 3-3-6 effect. The 3-3 kind of relationship tends to be short-lived and short-term. It is unlike the usual long-term relationship type with a legally binding (marriage) contract. Hence, the 8-4-3 (and 4-8-3) number combination is indicative of marital problems following an extra-marital affair.

I have included a topic “Romance, Marriage and Divorce” in my book which also include other observations and related case studies.

If you have 8-4 or 4-8 number combinations in your Birth chart or Personal Year chart, do not worry too much or be too stressed over it. As long as you make an effort to be more tolerant with your loved ones and stay away from transgression, the strain may not be as severe as it could be.

I have also included many other number combinations and patterns not mentioned in the articles posted here so far. Use the information available in the book to understand yourself and others better. Identify your weaknesses, negative traits and health issues; and take action to improve your life today for a better tomorrow.

Regards, Ron


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