Day 2 of July FEN Level 1 (Basic) course

newsI sensed much anticipation when the students came for Day 2 lesson on 11th July 2015.  It could probably because of the homework I’ve assigned to them last week on Day 1 where they’ll each have the opportunity to share their observations with fellow students.

20150711_FEN1_2The weather was just perfect – bright and sunny on a Saturday early morning. I also told the students they can expect a bright and enlightening session for the rest of the day. After all Day 2 is more visual and exciting than Day 1’s foundational theories. There were a few ‘firsts’ too at Day 2 lesson.

I explained the Five Elements principles, its relational cycles and interactions, and its influences and effects. The learning was conducted through visual slide experiences. I’m glad the students could even identify important traits associated to the elements and then correlate that to the numbers on a person’s chart. Students now have the means to build and strengthen fundamental profiling knowledge. They could easily tap on their memories (without referring to written notes) on personality traits and potential cause-and-effects result on a person’s chart.

FUTUREOne student asked me at Day 1 lesson if I could provide more ‘number patterns’ in the course notes. I told him there isn’t any need for me to add more than necessary as they’d be able to decode their own number patterns the following week. And that’s exactly what the students did – I wrote on the flip board the newer patterns students gave. It was the first time I’d introduced the interactive number pattern identification technique. I started by sharing my method of analysing any new pattern like 1-6-7 and 8-5-4. Eventually the students are the ones who ‘spin the story’ on the number patterns. That’s about 10 new patterns not mentioned in my past articles. Well, it’s not on a (fictional) story they’re spinning but real potential traits that a person might inhibit. Students need not wait for others to decode and analyse up the number patterns. That’s one plus points for these students who learned the Elements of Numbers (EON) method personally from me. When one students readily explain his observations on a pattern, another student readily agreed such traits ‘exists’, probably on her charts or on someone else’s chart she’s analysing.

YEAR_VIBESI also explained how I’d analysed the year 2014 and 2015 tendencies for yearly forecast. For example, I told the students how I noted and inferred potential increasing money matters and volcanic events in 2015. I also shared some early insights on the 2016 forecast. Like the strong displays of businesses and activities involved in wind-power, metals (silver, goals), palm oil (agriculture), health, education, and finances (yes, that includes even more corruptions and leaks surfaced). There could be increasing awareness on immune and mental disorder, urologic and diabetic tendencies and health issues.

Students also speculated when the next Singapore’s General Elections would be. If you have the FEON+ software, you’d noticed the yearly energies on Singapore’s PY2015 and PY2016 charts are strong with the 8-7-6 [Crazy Busy – Supporter – Political Stability] energies manifested.

I’m glad the students have learned as much as I could share my knowledge with them.  We have also started a chat group where students can post questions and share ideas and profiling observations among members.

Like a student said, he learn more on practical profiling techniques from me than from others. Thanks!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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