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I shared my profiling observations on Marko and his career directions, including the periodic vibes that might influence him in the previous article, “About Marko: Career Directions.” In this article, I will be focusing on his wife (Daisy) and their Relationship chart.

CaseStudy_DaisyThe 6-3-9-3-6-9 pattern on Daisy’s Birth chart could suggest a person who’s success-driven and motivated by materialistic goals. Using basic EON theory, We could associate them as [Money – Fast – Success – Fast – Money – Success]. This also implies that Daisy is a quick-action person, an opportunist who dares to spend the money first, if needed, on things or business that she believes would have positive returns.

The presence of 5-4-9 (in locations S-T-U) and 4-5-9 (in locations V-W-X) suggest a person who dares to take the risks once they have set their goals in mind. Furthermore, Daisy also has the intuitive traits which further reinforce her gut feelings and instinctive actions towards achieving her life purpose. The 1-2-3 (in locations K-L-N) could suggest Daisy might be coming from a rich family, or parents with assets and above-average wealth, and probably on the maternal side.

Having the number 9 as her Birth Root number, and in locations R-U-X could further reinforce the success-driven nature. Everything has to come in moderation and harmonised. When there are too many traits from the same numbers (and elements), it could lead to negative influences, just like over-eating could cause digestive problems. I’d encourage Daisy to allocate some personal time for charity and humanitarian projects, to offset the strong influences coming from the number 9. Perhaps when she and her husband Marko has rebuilt their business, they could consider some form of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a pay forward initiative to society.

quarrelDaisy has to control her emotions (number 9) and her tempers (number 3), and not to worry (number 6) too much unnecessary. On health matters, there are tendency signs suggesting she might fall within the “high risk” group of people with health conditions related to cancer. She also needs to take up outdoor exercise to improve her respiratory systems as they are signs of breathlessness, anxieties, and unnecessary worries. Though it might not happen or be nothing serious, I’d encourage her to go for regular medical checkups, including going for breast, lungs, thyroid, and Pap smear test, to check on her health state.

From their own personal birth charts, Daisy seemed to be the supportive “behind-the-scene” person while Marko is the self-sacrificing service-oriented person (1-7-8 in locations M-N-O of his birth chart). There are signs of stressing worries and possible relation strains in her Personal Year (PY) 2017 chart. She has to keep her emotions and tempers in control now as her husband might need to spend more time on rebuilding his business. As both Daisy and Marko have the “selective listening disorder” habits, it is important for them to lend a listening ear to each other’s views and worries, and to be supportive whenever possible.

CaseStudy_Marko_DaisyNow, let’s look at their “Relationship / Compatibility” chart. The 7-1-8-9-6-6 could imply a good chemistry when they are together, the willingness to work extra hard for others (customers?), and the importance of having the perfect product. That could be one reason why Marko was enjoying great business in his food business before the fire destroyed their business outlet. Furthermore, the 3-9-3 (in locations V-W-X) and 9-3-3 (in locations S-T-U) are suggesting signs of fast success when they work together on their family business and home.

There are signs of stress, quarrels, and occasional outburst because of their stubbornness and perceived thoughts. As long as they could control their emotions, tempers and impatience well, communicate truthfully, and accept each other’s faults, the least they could have is some form of disagreement at times.

The triple 7s in the “Compatibility Year Chart” is suggesting customers are waiting for them. And the 7-5-3 is about legal issues, which in this case, is about the insurance settlement. The 7-5-3 is also about carelessness, and money lost. In the worst scenario, Marko might not receive as much financial payout from the insurance company. On the other hand, the money lost could be due to unplanned spending because of the renovation cost required for the ‘new‘ outlet. Even so, this shouldn’t stop Marko from rebuilding his business as he has ready customers waiting for him.

Marko’s business is being disrupted because of the fire burning his outlet. He and Daisy should take the opportunity to do some self-reflections and spend quality time with their kids while they wait for the insurance settlement. Stay calm and take up meditation or other relaxation exercises. Stop to smell the roses, so to speak. Enjoy family time together – the happiness and joy of seeing their kids who’re residing overseas.

Once again, I wished Marko and Daisy well, and hope they can continue to enjoy their lives together in a healthy, blissful, and purposeful way.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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