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Marko sent me an email recently and wrote, “We reside in Australia and got your book through Amazon. My wife has been reading numerology books for the past 15 years. My friend from Melbourne recommended your book highly. We purchased your book immediately and find it very interesting and knowledgeable. Your book is one of the best that we have come across. The only thing we could not find in the book is regarding businesses and houses and it suitable numbers.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Marko and his wife, and his friend from Melbourne for their positive comments on my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” To others, let me know if you’re from Australia and wanted to buy my book – if needed, I might open up the direct purchase of my book to include Australia too. Let me know if you’re interested to help me to organise FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes in Australia.

Marko is facing a crossroad situation, and wanted to know how he should move forward. I was concerned when I received Marko’s email and read his life stories. I responded immediately, telling him I will do a case study on his chart first. I’m not sure about you, but I have always believed in divine connections that bring us together – the reason why we met a person that somehow influenced us, the reason why Marko’s wife bought my book immediately upon his friend’s recommendations even though she practices numerology for 15 years, and the reason why you are here reading this article.

Marko wrote, “I have been self-employed since 1981 in the hospitality industry (Restaurateur). I got married in 1985 to my wife Daisy. In 1998, I slipped on the driveway and hurt my back badly and had multiple surgeries. I sold my business in 1999 as I could not work. It took me a long time to recover. In 2008, we got back into business. My business was running really well for the last six years. Unfortunately, a fire broke out and burned the place in February 2016. It was so burned that’s not operable.


As Marko has provided a chronology-like of the events happening to him, I plotted the Rhythmic Cycle chart manually and found correlations to certain events. The Rhythmic Cycle chart allows us to correlate events happening during the past, identify the passive and active influences that affected us on 9-year and 18-year cycles; and how it might affect us in the future if we don’t take steps to rectify the negative vibes. I have shown to FEN students and explained how the Rhythmic Cycle works. I used Apple (the company) and Whitney Houston as references to explain their past events. An event that happened during the past might recur again, and its outcome can either be similar (in context) or differently and opposite. What this means is if you are facing a career crisis today, you can check on your career situation about 9 or 18 years ago. Chances are, there might be some form of vibrations on your career, be they about changing of jobs, retrenchment, or responsibilities.

CaseStudy_MarkoThe “Career and Business” topic on Page 145 of my book are focusing on the suitable jobs based on the elements of the Root number present in the person’s EON chart. Other than providing a general guideline on the type of career or business suitability, it does not allow us to check on our career vibes and influences on a periodic manner. That is why I introduced a separate “Career element” which allows you to determine your career vibes in a particular year. Take the case of Marko – his career vibe was strong and present in 1981 (when he started his business), in 1999 (when he sold his business), and in 2008 (when he rebuilt his business again). In case you haven’t already noticed, his business vibes is around the 9-year or 18-year cycles. His next 9-year cycle would be 2017.

The fire burning down his business outlet was unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean the end of everything. In subsequent email to me, Marko asked is he should rebuild his business once again while he awaits for the insurance payout. As Marko’s organic food business was popular, there’s no reason why he should stop rebuilding his business once more. And that’s where his next career change is happening soon, in 2017 based on the sine-wave present in the Rhythmic Cycle and the double 1-2-3 pattern in his PY2017 charts. To Marko, my answer is, “Yes. Go for it. You fell before and you stand up. The fire is just a disruptive event, but it allows you to do some self-reflections. Stand up, stand tall. You can do it again!

I’ve shared the method to identify the Career element to FEN students. It is a handy and useful way to check on a person’s life aspect in a particular period, be they on the Year, Month, or even Day. I felt the need to introduce the separate “Career element” to extend beyond the types of suitable career or business described on Page 145 of my book. Take the case of Marko’s chart, the suitable type of business or career is related to the Metal element. This suggests he should work in legal or financial institutions, or other careers described on Page 146 of my book. Marko’s organic food business is related to health, and we could associate that to the Wood element. That’s about the type of business he can venture. However, it doesn’t help you to do a macro analysis and gauge the career vibrations in a particular year. Hence, the introduction of the Career element which, at the moment, is being shared to FEN students only.

Marko injured himself in 1998 and had multiple stitches. The 1-1-1 vertical pattern in locations M-O-P is present in his Personal Year (PY) 1998 chart. This could imply some form of cutting since we could associate the number 1 to knife, dagger, or sword. And in Marko’s case, is the surgical knife.

YetToComeNow that I have addressed Marko’s career directions, I will extend some other profiling aspects here, so that Marko is aware of them consciously, and takes effort to improve on them whenever possible.

Marko is an intuitive and highly resourceful person, and he can easily rebuild his business. The tendency signs are suggesting he might have more than the instinctive traits – like religious or sixth senses, and in extreme cases, consciously aware of the presence of supernatural forces. He needs to cut down on sugary food and alcoholic drinks, if he hasn’t already done so as there are signs of heredity diabetic symptoms. The 4-8-3 on locations S-T-U could suggest strained relationships with family members, possibly with his father or paternal relatives. The 8-4-3 on locations V-W-X shows similar relationships, and perhaps with his mother or maternal relatives. What this means is that Marko might either have bad relationships (communication issues) with his parents or relatives, or having a cordial-like relationship. Besides that, as the 8-4-3 on locations V-W-X is residing in the ‘external influence’ sector, it means Marko must control his tempers and emotions when communicating with others, especially to his family members, customers, friends, and supporters, including the authorities.

Selective ListeningThere are signs of selective listening habits, perfectionist, and OCD-like tendencies too. It’d be great for Marko to take steps to listen and accept other people’s views, and be humble if he hasn’t already done that (well, his wife would know), and to accept the fact that nothing is perfect (1-8-9 on locations M-O-Q). He must go for regular health checkups, as besides the diabetic tendencies, there are signs of cancerous signs. That is why he needs to control his tempers and emotions, to prevent aggravating and manifesting the cancerous symptom. Marko needs to take care of his health as his PY2016 chart also has the 1-1-1 vertical pattern as reflected in his PY1998 chart. It doesn’t mean Marko would undergo surgery this year (2016) as we could associate the 1-1-1 with other life aspects. In Marko’s case, the number 1 being a Metal element could suggest mental worries, and self-inflicted cognitive symptoms. From the Five Elements principles, we could also associate the Metal element to skin, teeth, breathlessness, hyperventilate, pneumonia, sleep apnea, and others. This implies Marko might experience health symptoms related to what I have just described for this year, and early next year.

FUTUREMarko wrote, “At the moment, I’m awaiting for the insurance’s settlement. I’m not 100% sure what I should do – whether to buy another business, open up a new one or re-establish back at the same place before it was destroyed by the fire.” As mentioned earlier, Marko is an intuitive and resourceful person, he should be able to decide his next course of action even though I had suggested rebuilding his business. If his intention is to rebuild his business or buy over another business, he could maximise the time now to test new product offerings so that when he restarts his business, there will be more exciting food range for customers to enjoy. Marko was contemplating of moving to London to stay with his son. That means, restarting the whole business branding process again from the ground, and it might take some time before his business grows. Rebuilding his business in Australia would kickstart the business branding process since he has customers waiting.

Marko’s Periodic Code is suggesting the need to be resilient and persevering as there are tendency signs suggesting regular challenges (obstacles and opportunities) he might face, and the need for time-management, work-life responsibilities to ensure financial and home (family) matters are well taken care of. He needs to plan and weigh all options available for a successful and better life ahead. Changing mindsets and getting rid of negative habits is important. He must control his tempers, exercise patience and tolerance, have positive views, and maintain a healthy and fit body to enhance a better life path. He must consciously accept obstacles and challenges as they come along, and turning them into opportunities whenever possible.

Whatever it is, Marko has to decide what he wants to do with his next career chapter. I wish Marko all the best. And as I have told him, “Stay Strong, Stay Healthy.”

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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