When Liver can cause Heart Attack

The other day, a friend “Kathy” called me. We spoke and she told me her friend “John” had died recently of a heart attack. She was trying to find out the probable causes to his heart attack using Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). After some chatting, she suggested I try using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to find out the probable cause.

Before I continue, let me emphasise again that I am not a medical expert. What I am about to write is from my own understanding of the numbers and the elements present. Only the professional doctors will know (I presume) the cause to the heart attack. In fact, I believe the doctors trained in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would be able to provide a more holistic answer than those doctors who practiced only Western Medicine.

John’s Health Symptoms include Fire, Earth and Metal. Refer to my book to know how to identify the Health Symptoms. Based on his birth chart, Water is strong. This year, his PY2010 chart shows Water and Fire are strong. In the Five Elements (5E), Water supports Wood which in turn supports Fire.

When we superimpose the PY2010 chart to his birth chart, Wood (9) is being “hurt” by Earth (5) and Metal (6).  I suspect Wood could be affected, and may have “influenced” the Fire. In short, his liver (Wood) may have caused the heart attack (Fire).

I then checked with Kathy to find out more.  John had experienced chest pain around 3am and was rushed to the hospital. John died around 6+ am.

Based on 5E, the energies of Yang Wood are strongest between 3am – 5am; and Yin Wood is between 5am – 7am.  Just as I’d suspected – the Wood may be the contributing factor.

In TCM, chest pain and heart failure have many different causes. The basic cause of chest pain is obstruction of the circulation of Qi and blood. The liver is most notably affected by stress, anger and any other emotional upsets. These upsets can cause the liver to cause disharmony not only with itself but also with the heart and lungs. The liver is our body’s most important organ after the heart, performing many important functions. A weakened and swollen or congested liver can obstruct the venous blood flow to the heart causing heart palpitations or even heart attacks, according to this article. In other words a healthy liver is essential for maintaining an adequate amount of blood flow to the heart and the heart can only pump the blood it receives.

Identifying health issues caused by body organs is unlike looking for symptoms like high cholesterol and diabetes. In fact, there could be a possibility John may have high cholesterol level too. Anyway, there could be many health conditions arising from liver problems. We should look at it from a “cause and effect” approach, where we identify the heart attack as the “effect”.

Unless the doctor performed an autopsy, no one knows the truth on what could have caused John to have a heart attack.

Regards, Ron


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