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I’m glad many of you took the initiative to write to me. It shows you want to know more about the Elements of Numbers (EON). Most of the emails I received were, without doubt, motivating and encouraging.

Some of them asked “where can I buy the book in Singapore?”

Currently, my book is not available at local bookstores. You can buy the book online by Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites.

More good news later if you’re living in Singapore.

One user asked me whether it is possible to know whether certain years would be financially good for her. In my book, there is a section that teaches you how to get your Personal Year chart. When identifying finances, wealth, and money, we usually look at the number 6 for a start. However, there are so many combinations resulting in number 6. So, you need to know what type of number 6 you are. For example, you can be a 1-5-6, 5-1-6, 2-4-6, 4-2-6, 3-3-6, 7-8-6, 8-7-6, 9-6-6, and 6-9-6.

Once you can associate the combination, analyse using the key points mentioned in my book. For example, 4-2-6 implied you need to have a plan first before you talk or present them to others. Do your homework and build your resources, expertise and knowledge, before you talk to others. When you present your plans to others, the confidence level is there, and the money will come.

But when it comes to the Five Elements, it may be a different story. In certain cases, a 5-1-6 (or 8-7-6) may further imply stress and obstacles before you can get the money. If you cannot withstand the stress, it may affect your health. And you use the money you earned to pay for medical bills instead.

Money is important, but is not the ‘be-all, end-all’ to resolve the ‘financial’ wealth you need. It is a by-product of your actions. You need to take action to allow you to hold the money tight when it comes. But when you are sick, you do not have the strength to hold the money in your hands. So, HEALTH is more important than anything else. When you are healthy, anything is possible as you dare to take the risk.

Another user asked me why his gambling luck is so bad this year. I normally do not bother to reply to these types of emails as I do not encourage gambling as a healthy activity. It will do more harm than good. I replied to the user anyway, giving him some advice. He then asked why his friends are so lucky in gambling while he is not.

When you learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques, you should not abuse the system. Using it to identify your gambling luck will not work. Ok, it may work for the first few times because of “Beginner’s Luck.” But the more you become obsessed with it, you get false answers. The numbers don’t lie and play you out. It’s your emotions that make you become distracted. And when you become distracted, you cannot focus. And when you cannot focus, you cannot differentiate the rights from wrongs.

During the recent World Cup, before Paul the octopus became a sacred species worshipped by many gamblers, I had told some friends my prediction of the winner. I told them I don’t know which team will win as I’m not a football fan and don’t follow the matches closely. But I know the team wearing certain specific colours will win. I was using EON to test my predicting skills as I needed a break from research work.  It’s still not perfect yet. So don’t ask me to show you the method. Besides, I don’t encourage using it to gamble. Sorry…

Keep sending your emails to me. I love to hear your views on my book, or the articles I have written.

Regards, Ron


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