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At the recent FEN BASIC LEVEL course, one student was asking about the advantages of using the TIME OF BIRTH (ToB) CHART to profiling a person. I was using the late Maurice Gibb as a case study explaining the methods to plot the chart. I also taught the students the method to plot the Combined Birth and Time (CBT) Charts as well.

TimeOfBirth6I presented a side-by-side comparison slide of both Maurice and Robin Gibb. Both are twin brothers born 35 minutes apart. Maurice died in 2003 at age 54 while Robin died 9 years (2012) later at age 63. Their Personal Year charts (PY2003 and PY2012) of the year they died are similar. The students then learned how to identify extra clues from the CBT charts and associate the subtle tendency signs to a person’s traits and health conditions. In Maurice and Robin case, the subtle traits found on their ToB charts reveal different energies affecting them both.

The ToB Chart is important to profile people born on the same day. As there are extra energies that we can identify from the ToB chart, it’s important to know the method of plotting and analysing. Anyway, that’s covered in my FEN BASIC LEVEL course. Look out for the next FEN BASIC LEVEL class (mid-May) if you’re keen to sign up and expand your knowledge beyond basic profiling. Click here for more info…

BANNER4In the FEN ADVANCED LEVEL course, I will share the method to plot and analyse the Rhythmic Cycle that may affect a person. Maurice and Robin shares similar Rhythmic Cycles but because of their different ToB vibes influencing their behaviours and actions), Robin died 9 years (1-cycle) later.

RhythmicCycle_Apple1In recent times, Apple’s branding and products, though still strong, is on the downhill as their ‘flagship’ was inadvertently steered away from the Blue Ocean strategy to compete in the red oceans instead. During my previous EON Workshop sessions, I’ve shown the Rhythmic Cycle of Apple and explain the tendency signs suggesting the downhill path. I’ve also highlighted there could be a possible product breakthrough or management change in the next few months as the 2015 energies are imminent and strong. I’ll also explain to the students attending this weekend’s FEN ADVANCED LEVEL course. Some people could envision using the Rhythmic Cycles to track on company’s performance for investment pursuits.

UniversalPersonalThere are many EON (Elements of Numbers) methods that I’ve shared with my students at the past workshops and recent FEN courses. These are techniques you don’t get to learn in its entirety at PON, UCM or even at LifeQuest as they’re formulated by me. I’ve created the periodic pillars (Year, Month, and Day) and added them into my EON (Student Edition) software. This allows students to identify the Universal and Personal energies of a person. Students will learn how to analyse the pillar numbers and possible influences that may affect a person. This approach is similar to those familiar with other Chinese Metaphysics like Bazi where you’ve the Annual/Yearly Luck pillars. In fact, I’d adapted the Bazi annual pillars to the EON periodic pillars as I’ve always believe there are constant ‘heavenly energies’ influencing ‘human energies’ daily. In Bazi, you have the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. In EON, you have Universal and Personal energy numbers. The application method in analysing the pillars is different from numerological perspectives.

At this weekend’s class, I’ll share a new method (not shared at previous workshops) to identify the Double and Triple Day effects. When applied correctly and positively, it’d come handy as a basic ‘Day Selection’ method. Yes, you can analyse the EON annual pillar tables to check out the good dates using the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) methods. It’s not too late to attend this weekend’s FEN ADVANCED LEVEL class – call Daniel immediately at 9853-1777 to check if you’re eligible to attend the advanced or basic level course.

PREVIEW_PROFILEThe Time of Birth charts, Rhythmic Cycles, Double and Triple Effects Days, and the Annual Pillars are uniquely formulated into the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. These extra methods (and more) can expand a person’s profiling skills. It’s not a coincidence we’re seeing increasing number of students who’d previously attended PON/UCM/LQ courses starting to learn from us. They know they’ve a choice to intensify their expansion plans to better equip themselves with more knowledge beyond numbers and number patterns. You can benefit too especially when you’ve already completed the PON, UCM, or LQ courses.

Support me at my FEN courses and I’ll show you the FEN/EON techniques through an interactive, fun, and visual experience that’s easier to remember. Oh, you’ll get the laughter and happiness too!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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