Numerological Predictive Observations 2010

Every year, many of you would have read Yearly forecasts from different sources, mostly based on the theories from Chinese Metaphysics, Western and Indian Astrology.

Early this year (9 February 2010), I posted my “Global Forecast for Year 2010” prediction article to a selective group of friends, associates, and Masters who are knowledgeable in the various fields of Chinese Metaphysics. I made the predictions to test my understanding of Numerology and the Five Elements, and applying my own “Elements of Numbers” (EON) methodologies.

As in any forecast and predictions, let me emphasize that there is no such thing as a 100% accurate prediction, every time. Hence, the events predicted does not necessary imply it will happen. So, take it on an “as is” basis.

Below was my prediction…

In numerological aspect, the Year 2010 starts from the English calendar date 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010.

(1) In 2010, more people (mainly woman) would be vocal, coming out to voice their views, protesting and debating against various issues including politics, healthcare and global warming. The recent case of former Republican vice-presidential candidate Ms Sarah Palin’s scathing attack on the Obama administration is just the beginning. Many more women may be stepping out to take up challenging and leadership roles. However, many of these women would feel even more frustrated as not much would be done to resolve the issues and grievances. In the end, they are still voicing their views to be addressed, and actions taken. To some extent, they may even be betrayed by their male counterparts, or their plans backfired.

(2) The recent case of Toyota and other car makers recalling their vehicles in January 2010 was not surprising given the nature of the numerological elements found in the Year 2010. In fact, there may be more incidents of similar nature. Apart from cars, there may also be defective problems (and accidents) involving other transportation machineries including planes and ships.

(3) There may also be a possibility of increased sea piracy and hijacking of container ships, or ships transporting military weapons.

(4) In addition to the possibility of increased road accidents, there could also be a possibility of accidents involving trains, and the causes could be due to the faulty (including damaged and dislodged) railway tracks or landslide. There may also be some accidents involving bridges (damaged, accidents) and dams.

(5) People working in coal and steel mines; and gas/petroleum plants need to be extra careful in 2010. There could be indication of explosion, fire, or accidents in these areas. When I read the local newspaper on 9 February 2010 regarding a deadly blast at US power plant (Kleen Energy), I was a little shocked as I was not aware of the incident when I wrote this forecast a few days earlier. There may be a possibility of similar incidents happening again this year.

(6) Moral values are being tested again this year. News about Tiger Woods and John Edwards are just the beginning. In fact, the elemental vibes are “clear, present, and immediate” in 2010. Hence, there may be even more sexual scandals and transgressions reported. Many of them were leaked or revealed by women – for monetary gains.

(7) Tensions between regions in the North and West (e.g., China and USA/Europe, China/Tibet, North Korea and USA/Europe) may be high. Although communications have improved, either party is not willing to compromise entirely with each other, or accommodate each other’s requests. Hence, the fiery pressure and tensions would still be felt.

(8) On health aspects, more people may have heart-related problems, resulting from kidney and lungs-related issues. More health issues relating to the nose and respiratory system may surface this year.

(9) Tensions (e.g., riots, military tensions, and strikes) or breaking news (mostly involving snow, flood, air, water, and metal, coal/ore) may happen in countries especially in the North, West or NW region. The recent case of major snowstorm and blizzards in Washington and nearby states in USA is an indication, and may be the first of many similar events to come.

(10) The bulls and bears from the Stock markets are having a fun time, testing the counter scale – swinging at high/low levels constantly, perhaps at its peak around summer before cooling off around autumn. In addition, stocks and commodities relating to the Water or Metal-related elements may be more prominent, fluctuate and moves up/down the charting scale fast.

Hopefully, none of the above negative events mentioned would happen, and we can all have World Peace and better world economy.

[UPDATE] As the above predictions were posted in 9 February 2010, many events have taken place. Below are additional comments…

By now, many of the forecasted events have been widely reported in newspapers and online news sites. Even the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico in late April 2010, and the tanker collision causing oil spill off the Changi coast of Singapore in May 2010, is an indication of the Water and Metal-related elements present in the Year 2010.

These days, books focusing on yearly forecast and general information on a person’s annual luck, are selling well. Many people like to read them, and in some cases, are overly worried about the negative vibes mentioned in the book, and the persistent fear of certain situations that may happen to them. Then, there are others who believe the good things will happen to then, just because the book says so.

Nothing will happen to you, if you do not take action to make it happen. The end result (whether it’s for good or for worse) is the cumulative effect of every action you take. You cannot simply sit and fold your arms, and let the happy events happen. Thinking positively by applying the “Law of Attraction” theories may help a little, but not completely. You got to take action, and let the cumulative effects result in good vibes, and manifest the positive energies in you… and that makes it happen.

Do not be overly obsessed with all these predictions. What’s important is to know your own character profile, change your bad habits, and take remedial actions to improve yourself, for a better tomorrow.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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