Terence Cao calls off wedding

Actor reveals his much-anticipated wedding is now on hold indefinitely

In an exclusive interview with xinmsn, the MediaCorp actor Terence Cao revealed his relationship with his younger girlfriend has hit a snag. Wedding preparations have stopped and that the couple has been in “a cooling-off period” for a few months already.

The lack of communication, personal space, trust, tolerance, and moral obligations are among the common factors that can strain a relationship. Sometimes it could be one party always giving in to the other, triggering off the steams like the tempest in the teapot. At times, it can be due to… financial-related matters.

Let us look at Terence’s birth chart and identify the probable cause(s) that could have caused a strained relationship.

The 8-4-3 number combination is obvious and as explained in my book, there is a clear indication of a relationship problem. Terence had experienced four failed relationships previously.

Let us look at the probable contributing factors. The external influence of the 8-4-3 combinations were due to the “causes & effects” of the 6-1-7 combinations. The strained relationship could be due to excessive spending on materialistic gains for himself, or for his supporters, friends, or on his girlfriend. It could also be due to the strong self-egoistic mentality in him, or the lack of personal space and trust between the couple. From another perspective, the frequent socialising with friends (of opposite sex?) could have been another trigger point. Being frank, direct, and blunt, his words can be hurtful to others.

Now, let us look at the Personal Year 2010 chart for Terence.

Notice the resulting 4-8-3 number combinations happening in 2010? The double influences of the 4-8-3 (in his PY2010) and 8-4-3 (in his Birth chart) are clear, present, and immediate. The 7-3-1 number combinations in PY2010 implied someone (female?) could be putting pressure on him, and it could have triggered off the ‘explosive’ and ‘fiery’ emotional stress, resulting in frequent disputes with the other party.

The ‘cool-off’ period may help both parties to re-align their expectations and what they want in the relationship.  If they can resolve their differences, then they can change their habits and mindsets, and manifest on the positive energies for a better future.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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