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I received questions on how we can use the NSQ Profiling method to complement the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Someone even asked about profiling to complement the common Chinese profiling systems like Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). I find it easier to explain the techniques in class than in words. More often than not, I like to share the visualisation techniques to enable students to understand the underlying principles quickly.

NSQ_Course1_20150724 At my first NQS Profiling session, I’ve shown to the students how easy and fast they can apply the NSQ method to find out a person’s potential abilities and their negative tendencies. I’ve also followed up with case study article “NSQ Profiling: Case Study analysis” using two (out of four) NSQ charts the students provided. I decided to complete the case study by sharing my NSQ observations on the remaining two NSQ charts in today’s article.

NSQ_Chart2Let’s begin the analysis with Richard’s NSQ Chart. There wasn’t any Arrows of Strength and Weaknesses present in his chart. That doesn’t imply he might not be influenced by the positive or negative vibes present in his chart. Just like the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, the missing numbers in his chart implies that he has to work harder on the positive traits and habits associated to each missing number.

Richard is an ‘action’ man, an initiator who’s quick in planning. And he can communicate well to others easily. However, there are tendency signs suggesting the lack of creativity, passion, and sustainability. This means that while Richard is a great kick-starter person, he needs someone else to complete the tasks. On the other hand, Richard has the intellectual inclinations and often tapped on his mental and foresight (success and visions) easily. This means he has the capacity to analyse logically what others said, look at how things work, or note on the underlying causes behind a problem. In many ways he often taps on the logical reasoning of his left brain more than the creative explorations of his right brain. Using an analogy of playing games, his preference is more on “Sudoku” type or brain games that tax on his mental skills. But when it comes to games like “Draw Something” he might feel pressurised and frustrated over his limited creative ‘talents’ in visualisation.

CaseStudy_ChattyThat said, it doesn’t imply Richard does not like games that exploited a person’s creative skills. On the contrary, there might be occasions where he has the sudden urge to play them, and he could play them well. That is because the missing number is present in his periodic chart and it manifested the positive energies that influenced and strengthened his thoughts. Richard’s focus is often distracted midway through his projects – he can start and complete a project but not see it through midway. This year, the energies are different as his Arrow of Determination is present. There are signs of reluctance but once he’s involved in the project, his determination and willpower are strong. There is an issue – his pride, confidence, arrogance, and hurtful nature are strong and make him oblivious to the feelings and suggestions from those around him.

That’s my brief NSQ analysis on Richard’s chart. You can pick up more NSQ principles and techniques from me at the NSQ Profiling course. There are more tendency signs suggesting other traits and behaviours we can identify from Richard’s chart.

nsq_sampleLet’s look at Pamela’s NSQ chart. The Arrows of Planning and Intellectual are strong. This imply a person good at strategy and tactical moves, just like great military strategist and politicians who often carry out plans to attract winning goals. They are concerned more on self-image and acted based on feelings than emotional attachment from their heart. Their manifesting actions often revolves on the “I think, therefore I am” thoughts. In many ways, it could reinforced the strong leadership characteristics – arrogant, egoistic, self-centric, and the “I, Me, and Myself” attitude.

PERSONALITY1The habitual thinking of “Since I feel this is right to me, it must be right for you too” could agitate other people, making them frustrated and emotional. They are more factual than theoretical people. They lacked the philosophical and spiritual pursuits, and like Richard, is oblivious of other people’s feelings, uneasiness, reluctance, and suggestions. Pamela also lacks the determination to see things get done. And just like Richard, she’s often distracted midway through a project. The relentless pursuits are not strong midway. The tendency signs suggest boredom, fear, and lack of responsibility and peripheral awareness beyond her ‘social ecosystem.’

Pamela’s’s confidence level and determination is strong this year as the Arrow of Determination is present. The same goes for her attitudes and actions – she’s now driven by the heart than her feelings or head. This means her empathy towards other people is strong this year. Although there might be more caring and thoughtful, the lack of wisdom and responsibility might affect her progress towards achieving her goals. Doing some self-reflections, completing her plans, and dividing time on social or charity work could help energise the positive vibes further.

BetterTomorrow2OK, that’s my brief analysis on Pamela. I have updated (transformed and freshened up) the old nine-square profiling method to analyse a person’s personality and life tendencies beyond the limited nine-square theory. I’ve added the Behavioural Impulse chart and other techniques to enable NSQ students to analyse a person from a fresh perspective.

Today’s case study on Richard and Pamela are based on the NSQ principles. It doesn’t imply Richard and Pamela will inhibit or display all traits mentioned as their behaviours and beliefs are formed from experience, moral values, and family upbringings.

What’s mentioned in this article is just like the icing on the cake. You need to eat the cake to experience its taste. Similarly, I want you to know how easy and fast you can use the NSQ method to complement or strengthen your profiling skills.

I have received requests from FEN students and others to conduct the second NSQ Profiling class. I might conduct the second NSQ session in late August. So, if you’re interested to attend the one-evening workshop, email Wang at Wang@EON-Inspire.com to preregister. He will contact you once we have firmed up the classroom availability and date.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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