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I find your case studies for Nick quite accurate and interesting. I’m amazed at how you used numbers to calculate Bazi. I’m also doing self-trained and self-taught method but due to too many contrary studies all around, I gave up,” wrote Jasmine in her email to me. She then explained how she was trying to follow the Bazi method to aim for a better career. Her Day stem is “Gui” in Bazi and according to her, she should continue career in the FIRE industry. And that’s what she did working in sales for a Telco for 10 years. However, she felt her career advancement path was constrained and had to switch jobs to get promoted. She also noticed that when she work for a software-related company, her performance level dropped drastically because of office politics.

Jasmine asked, “Would like to find out which industry I can switch to in order to excel in my career?

CaseStudy_Jasmine_BaziI started learning Bazi in 2004 from different mentors. My wonderful mentors taught me to analyse Bazi charts from different perspectives and that helped widen my profiling knowledge. I also noticed even experienced Bazi professionals have debating and conflicting theories about their analysis at different times. I started developing Bazi software on the Palm PDA devices in 2004. The need to identify pattern-matching techniques for faster plotting of Bazi or QiMenDunJia charts is necessary. Soon, the ‘pattern identification’ routines became a habit. It manifest the curious mindset to understand the underlying fundamentals.

These days, I noticed I’m using EON fundamentals to analyse a Bazi chart from a different analytical angle. I posted an article about “designer’s baby” some time back. One student asked about the ideal delivery dates for her second child after she has consulted a Bazi consultant. I sent her my analysis ‘report’ from EON and Bazi perspectives. This allows her to compare and learn how I analyse ideal dates using two different methods. Some students even suggested I conducted an English class on Bazi from EON perspectives.

confusionThere are many Bazi software on iPhones and Android smartphones – enter a birthdate and the chart is plotted automatically. Let’s be practical there is no practical incentives these days (other than pride) to remember the steps to plot a chart from our memory and fingers, or the capacity to recite popular Chinese idioms and phrases. People want solutions and advice to their life problems and am not concerned with your manual charting ability. They want you to identify potential pitfalls that might affect their life aspects (health, career, academic, wealth, luck). They want you to share the positive tendencies to enrich their life experiences. Software tool provides automation of charts – you still have to rely on your knowledge and experience to ‘decode’ and analyse the chart.

CaseStudy_JasmineOn a cautionary note, Jasmine has to cut down on sugary food as there are signs she might belong to the ‘high-risk group’ of people with diabetic tendencies. The tendency signs are also suggesting it might be a heredity health condition or her parents or siblings might have similar diabetic tendencies.

In basic Elements of Numbers (EON) theory, there is also a suitable career or business element. I adopted the steps to identify the suitable elements (in ranking) from the Five Elements’ Life Aspects principles. However, you can only use the suitable career or business element as a general reference as a person’s career influences change periodically. That’s what happened to Jasmine where she’s affected by her yearly career vibes. This year, she felt the urge to change career. The confidence, knowledge and skill sets are fundamentally strong, and it pushed her to look beyond her ‘comfort zone.’ The 4-2-6 in her PY2015 chart suggest the need to increase her awareness and job skills to others with the vision of improving financial wealth.

We can associate the Telco industry as a communication mode – the Water element. Some people related that to the Metal or Fire industry because of the use of copper cables (for landlines) and light pulse through fibre optics. Jasmine asked if working in the insurance industry could benefit her better. We can associate the insurance industry to Metal and Wood elements depending on the nature of the insurance – retirement or endowment (Metal) or health or education (Wood). The primary intent is about financial management which is Metal element.

HAPPYLet’s look at the 6-5-2 pattern in her birth chart. Although Jasmine might be keen to work in the insurance line, there are tendency signs suggesting reluctance, fear and stubbornness. This could create unfounded stumbling block preventing her from achieving work excellence.  This means Jasmine must do her homework and pick up more job-related skill sets if she plan to work in a different industry.  The smart vibes (i.e., book smart and street smart) and intuitive traits (instinct, gut feelings, sixth sense) are strongly present in her birth chart. She could build her knowledge easily and fast as long as she’s committed to doing so. Her Birth Root number is 2 – expression, communication – the sales line. Perhaps she should consider looking at the Fire-related industry. These include working in lightings or solar industry, entertainment, media and arts, and sports. There are strong 6s present in her PY2016 chart – the 6-3-9 imply faster than usual financial wealth. For all we know, Jasmine could have already made up her mind what she wants to do. It’s just that she needs some ‘reassurance’ that she’s making the right decision. Jasmine has to understand there is no right or wrong decision since every action can lead to different results depending on a person’s attitude, behaviour, and habits at work. As long as she could set everything in her life in the right positive perspectives, she should look forward to happier times ahead.

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As mentioned earlier, there is no permanent suitable career or business industry a person can work in as the yearly energies change. What’s important is to understand why we need to change a job in that year. Is it because of the need to socialise, applying skills, financial, career advancement, or the need to build knowledge and improve work fundamental?


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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