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Sometime early last year, I received an eNews article with the subject titled as “How Can Bazi Help You Find the Right Job?”

Can a Bazi professional help identify the career path that’s RIGHT for you? How do they decide what is a RIGHT JOB? For some people, the right job that’s been identified may be stressful and frustrating. It may not a healthy choice, after all.

Often we need to judge a person by his “active” experience and continual actions. A person with 10 years of experience may not be actively involved for the past ten years. He could have learned Bazi for one year, 10 years ago; and then moved on to continue other career interest.  Nine years later (that’s 1-year ago), he decided to become a Bazi consultant and boast of his 10-years experience. In reality, does this person have 10-years of experience, or only 1-year? I’ll leave that to you to decide…

Nick sent me an email recently. Like many other users who chanced on this site, Nick found the articles I have posted interesting. Nick was an IT team leader. Because of some office politics, Nick left the company without a job since last year. He’s currently working as a car washer temporary to provide basic needs for his family.

Nick asked me whether car washing would be an ideal Career element for him. His current boss is keen on expanding his car washing business and asked Nick whether he’s interested to manage the business. It’s natural for Nick to feel worried and insecure as he’s new in this area.

Let’s take a look at Nick’s chart, and analyse them using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

I have included the steps to identify the Career element and suitable jobs in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Refer to Page 145 for more information. Use it as a general guideline on the type of jobs and business you can be in.

Check the screenshot of Nick’s chart – Water denotes the first suitable element for his career. The positive energies would be strong if Nick’s career is related to the Water element. Using the Five Elements concept, we can say that car washing is associated to Water.

Now, that doesn’t mean Nick has to work as a car washer to maximise the positive energies. We can also associate the Service industry to Water. The car washing business is in the Service industry.

Nick can manage the business and not do the car washing, if that suits him. Perhaps Nick can use his IT experiences and leadership skills in the new business. If Nick feels that the car washing operations is not what he wants, he can always look for an IT job later. What’s important now is to do his best when an opportunity comes along during these hard times. Who knows, he may feel happier and healthier in the car washing business than his previous IT job.

Nick, you’ll never know how good and adaptable you can be unless you try it out. Grab the opportunity to know yourself (and others) better. Remember, it takes two hands to do a handshake if you want to give and receive the happiness you aspire.

The 1-8-9 number combination is present in Nick’s birth chart. As mentioned in earlier articles, 1-8-9 denotes the trait of a stressful perfectionist. Nick admitted he is a responsible but stressful person. Read my other articles on 1-8-9 for more tendency traits and habits.

Let’s look at Nick’s Personal Year 2010 chart when he became redundant by his former company. I’d like to share a new discovery with you here. It’s about the effects of the 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3, 3-8-4) number combinations. 8-4-3 is not only about strained relationship between couples, leading to separation or divorce on extreme cases. Instead, you can apply its negative effects to any relationship with your family, friends, relatives, colleagues and peers, boss, customers, suppliers and in short, including anyone you have communicated before. That makes your relationship with everyone!

I have made another discovery on a new negative effect of 8-4-3 (and its variance). As the tendency effect is sensitive, I need more findings before I can share it with you… perhaps in future workshop sessions.

The 5-4-9 and 4-5-9 is present in Nick’s PY2011 chart. Nick could take more risks (than usual) this year.  With the 6-6-3 energies present in 2011 chart, the opportunity to make money can be seen.

I’ve also told Nick to learn to relax this year due to the potential effects of 5-4-9 and 4-5-9. The number 5 can display the traits of 4 or 9. Should that happen, the emotional stress level will increase rapidly. Nick has to control his emotions, anger and frustrations now. Otherwise, there could be potential health problems leading to mental depression and bipolar disorder. When Wood is strong, Fire becomes stronger and can lead to heart and cardiovascular problems. Fortunately, Nick does not smoke and is only a casual drinker. I also advised Nick to take less sugary food to prevent his blood sugar level from increasing to an unhealthy level.

Try plotting Nick’s Personal Year 2012 chart. The two sets of 5-1-6 number combinations are strong. There is a possibility Nick can earn more money overseas. That includes going to other states or federal territories since Nick is from Malaysia. Perhaps he can expand the car-washing business in another state or country.

Nick, remember the phrase “’Every cloud has a silver lining”. It doesn’t matter why you fell. What’s important is how you are going to pick yourself up and walk ahead. Whether the car washing business is the right or suitable career for you mainly depends on your own decision and actions. Let go of the past negative sentiments but learned what it’d taught you.

Change your perspectives and shift to a different paradigm. The sparks to a happier and healthier YOU come from your positive attitude and actions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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