The Kidney-Heart link

I came across this article which explained “why your kidney is closer to your heart.” Whenever you have kidney disease, you may get heart disease as well. Similarly, if you’ve got heart disease, it will also affect the kidney.

Putting the medical facts aside, let us use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify the kidney-heart link.

Check out the topic “How can imbalance of elements affect us?” on Page 135 of my book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”.

I have included an illustration of the Cycles of the Five Elements concept. I have also explained the outcomes when Water and Fire is strong or weak.


In the Five Elements concept, we associate Water to the kidney and Fire to the heart. When the kidney is weak, it affects the heart. When the heart (Fire) is strong, it may affect the kidney (Water) and the brain (Metal). Strong Fire can also affect the Earth (stomach, muscle) as well.

I noticed some of you knew about this site after doing an Internet search for information related to Dean Richards’ death. Some said he could have died of brain tumour or cancer. In my article “Former Spurs star Dean Richards dies”, I mentioned the possible death could be related to kidney failure. The truth is – we don’t know until the autopsy report is out.

One advantage of learning EON is that we can identify the probable “Cause and Effect”. It’s good to know the “Effect” factor of how he died. We can then identify the “Cause” factor that could have contributed to his death. The autopsy report may not necessary reveal the root cause of the death based on western medicine. For example, some reports may state that a person has died of heart attack, cancer or brain tumour.  Often, it doesn’t state the contributing “Cause” that resulted in the deadly “Effect”.

Why wait for medical facts to reveal common health symptoms? It is too late when your doctor tells you. You can easily identify potential health symptoms from an EON chart. Try to understand the Five Elements concept to identify the strength and weaknesses of the elements.

I have included health symptoms related to the elements in my book. These should provide basic knowledge of possible health symptoms that you can take precautions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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