Divorcing 4-8-3 Effects on Sarah Palin

According to this article, SARAH Palin may be on the verge of leaving her husband. Sarah was reported to have told her former confidante Frank Bailey that she and her husband Todd are not like normal couples as they don’t talk.

Let’s not speculate too much on whether Sarah will leave her husband. Let’s try to identify the possible signs and foresee what could have triggered such unhappy event, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

If you look at Sarah’s chart, there are two sets of the 4-8-3 number combinations in her Personal Year 2011 chart.

In EON method, 4-8-3 (and 8-4-3) could imply strained relationships. In worst case, it could lead to separation or divorce.

In a separate article, it was reported that Sarah’s husband Todd was having an affair.

Has their relationship strained? No one knows. If it’s true, there’s a possibly it could be because of financial matters, or the lack of “quality time together” and “not enough sincere talk” with each other.

You may want to try plotting the Relationship chart to check their compatibility status. Refer to Page 186 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more details on how to plot the chart.

Sarah and Todd must stay close and be truthful to each other, if they intend to preserve their marriage vows. They could be going through a “tough” period now. Life is full of obstacles and the unexpected. As “outsiders”, we should not fan the fire. It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. What’s important is how they can strengthen their relationships and prove the rumour-mongers wrong.

There’s also something unique in her Personal Year chart which looks like a mirror chart too. Somehow, it could imply she could be in a confuse state of mind this year – a double personality of some sort with mood swings.

Sarah has to take care of her health as she could be emotionally stressed and these may affect her health. Her stress level for the next two months (April and May) may increase – she must take action now and learn to relax her mind and let go of unnecessary worries.

Learning EON is not about the ability to boast about predicting people will divorce. Personally, I strongly believe that is a wrong mindset. The purpose of identifying signs leading to strained relationship is to decide what immediate action we can take to minimise, to prevent the relationship from turning for the worst.

If you have a similar birth chart, try to look at the “Cause and Effect”. Ask yourself how you can savage the situation. Is it partly your fault too? Can you change your mindset and actions to overcome the unnecessary worries? Have you done your best to stay together for the sake of your family and kids?

Always remember whatever actions you take, it’s your choice and not the decision made by others. If you have kids, always think of their welfare and needs before deciding what you want to do.

We should all try to have a balanced work life and family lifestyle wherever possible.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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