On China’s 9-Year Cycles

I recently received a text message from David, a former colleague, whom we’ve not met for many years. He asked whether it’s possible to use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to profile a country, just like what I’ve done for personality profiling.

Of course, “ I replied. I’ve previously posted some case-study articles on countries on this site too. Anyway, we must constantly be mindful of the differences between profiling a person, and a country (and businesses). While it’s more direct and attainable for an individual to adapt and make changes to their sentiments, feelings, behaviours, and responses to situations, it’s not so simple and straightforward for countries. The key factor – a country is managed by a political team forming up the ruling government; any decision made is generally agreed (and disagreed) by the team. While the leader – President, Chairman, Minister, or Prime Minister – could determine the eventual decision, the judgement is normally made after the stakeholders’ analysis, discussions, and consensus decisions.

So, let’s put all other external factors aside and analyse the country that David was checking on – China. Before I go on, here’s a disclaimer – what you’re about to read does not imply everything’s mentioned below, would be accurate as my forecast observations are based on tendency signs present in China’s EON charts only. It does not include external components – like the economy, domestic issues, financial and political stabilities, and global impact, including the ongoing rebuttal attacks by USA to China, and the aggravating US-China trades war. My observations are simple and direct – it’s based on the tendency signs present on the various EON charts, through my knowledge, discernment, and interpretations on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

I’d be focusing on the 9-Year Cycles (9YR-C) influencing China, in today’s article. It’s also to address the curiosity of users who’ve posted few searches for 9YR-C recently, probably after I’d put up the article “On Ellen DeGeneres’ 9-Year Cycle“ about two weeks ago.

Look at the snapshot of China’s EON charts, taken from an “unreleasedFEON+ PRO software, sized to fit the  screen height of my Sony (Android) smartphone. The China’s birthdate is based on the “National Day of the People’s Republic of China” indicated on this Wikipedia page.

The 9YR-C chart for the period 2004-2012, is showing 3-8/2 pattern; and for period 2013-2021, the 2-9/2 pattern is shown. This implies during 2004-2012, China could be concentrating (3) on pursuing relentless effort (8) to act on their plans, and moving (2) continuously and progressively to achieve the milestones. The relentless pursuits could also be faced with stressful commitments, pressurising tensions, obstacles, and stumbling blocks.

In 2013, the transitioning of the 9YR-C energies from 3-8/2 (years 2004-2012) to 2-9/2 (years 2013-2021) have started to manifest. The concentrations and perseverance (hard work and commitment, 3-8) has shown results, and China is telling (2) the world of their visions (9) and  their eagerness to cooperate (2) with others. In this separate Wikipedia page, it was stated that the “One Belt, One Road” project was proposed in 2013, to ”connect and cooperate among countries, primarily between China and the rest of Eurasia.” In 2014, China became the world’s second-largest economy.

The EON 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) is solely formulated for the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I’m glad about my research on understanding the influencing energies of the 9-Years Cycle, and spending extensive time to derive the 9YR-C formulation, has shown tendency signs that’re both relevant and practical. I’ve shared the initial 9YR-C usage to FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students for the past few years. That means when external trainers conducting other numerology methods, adopted similar 9YR-C patterns, it’s obvious they’ve copied and recognised the usefulness, relevance, and practicality of my 9YR-C method.

China might still be concentrating on delivering their country’s goals this year, as the effect of the 2-9/2 pattern, is present until next year 2021. Even so, as I’ve mentioned in past articles before, that the transitioning energies do not start manifesting on the first day of the year, and ended on the last day of same year. This means, we might already observe the manifestations of the energies from the 1-1/2 pattern (2022-2030), surfacing strongly now. This means China is moving headstrong towards becoming a global leader (1) on its own accord, and her willingness (1) to help others to flourish together (2).

From another perspective, it could imply China might overtake the USA as the top largest economy status, if they wanted to. On the other hand, the 1-1/2 pattern could suggest China’s willingness to share and go together with another country, as the world’s top 2 largest economies.  To compete, challenge, or cooperate – it’s a choice for China to decide; and they have the strengths and power to be the top economy if they planned to, as the influencing 9YR-C 1-1/2 energies are present.

There are so many ways to profile a country, person, or company. It entirely depends on your insights, and knowing which relevant techniques to apply, to gather the desired clues. Through constant feedback and verification from others and your mentor, on your profiling observations, you’d then be able to recognise and appreciate the numerology method you’ve learned.

While metaphysics methods and charts could often be constant, the profiling techniques must change and evolve over the years. Trainers must adapt and include personality and behavioural changes from modern-day context, and avoid prejudiced profiling.

Newer profiling techniques must be introduced regularly and applied in logical and practical manner. It’d be ideal to include external factors before making hasty conclusions. Else, your assumed observations could heal or hurt others. Determine the potential influence and/or impact on a person – the social media influences, home/family environment, attitude differences and perceived beliefs between older generations and the millennial, and accessibility to life skills transformation. In summary, what’s within and around you today – your thoughts, behaviours, and actions – could influence and eventually impact you tomorrow. And it could affect others too…

Many of you who’ve walked this exciting journey with me since 2010, might have noticed the Elements of Numbers (EON) method has evolved gradually over the years. For example, today’s article is focusing on the 9-Year Cycles (9YR-C) tendency sign, which is just one of the many interesting techniques currently available for EON/FEN profiling. For a proper profiling, you need to analyse the tendency signs from the various charts as well, including the Personal Year (PY) Chart and Double-Effect vibes on PY2021, to check other influencing energies that could affect China during the next few years. In conclusion, a profiling method used today, focusing mainly on number patterns, and/or not updated regularly with newer and relevant techniques for some years, is best adapted only for outdated surface-level analysis.

Happy profiling. Happy learning. Stay Safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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