More Getting into Diabetic state

In this recent article, diabetes is costing the United States up to 160 billion dollars per year and might affect one-third of Americans by the middle of the century. It was also reported that five Arab Gulf countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman – are among the top 10 states with the highest levels of diabetes.

Can you imagine how many people are suffering? Can you also imagine how much money the pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and doctors can earn when a person becomes diabetic?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), diabetes can cause problems to the kidney, liver, lungs and stomach. In Western medical science, diabetes without treatment can cause complications, including cardiovascular diseases, severe renal failure, and retinal damage.  In Asia, people termed diabetes as “Sweet Urine Disease” as studies have shown that ants are attracted to a diabetic person’s urine.

Like in any health condition, we should not treat diabetes lightly. Although diabetes can be treated with western medicine, all it does is to treat the disease. Many western doctors are pharmaceutical-trained to use drugs to treat diseases that does not cure or improve the health condition. A diabetic person automatically becomes a lifetime customer to these medical experts who’d happily provide the drugs and treatments to their exclusive customers. Yes, to their customers, and NOT medical patients.

What about the common people who are suffering from diabetes? What can we do to lower the risk of getting diabetes? Even though I’m not a medical doctor, I know the answer – eat less sweet stuff, take more balanced diets and exercise. Common logic, isn’t it?

Be careful about eating more fruits. These days, many fruits are excessively sweet. Eating too much of these sweet and juicy fruits may increase the blood sugar level too. And that’s not good for your body!

I posted an article “Early Sneak Peek at 2011” last month. I mentioned the possibility of more people getting diabetes next year. I based it on my research findings. The signs are there the elemental influences and number pattern are obvious. I am still fine-tuning my research and I know I am on the right track to identify probable diabetes tendency pattern in a person’s birth chart and their Personal Year charts.

It doesn’t mean that if you have such pattern in your birth chart, you will get diabetes. It also depends on the food, exercises, and lifestyle. Unfortunately for some, it could be an inheritable genetic condition. On the other hand, if there is no such pattern in your birth chart, it doesn’t mean you will not have diabetes and can eat as much sweet stuff as you can.

Remember, health symptoms don’t happen overnight – it’s the excessively sweet stuff you take regularly that can accumulate and result in a not-so-sweet health condition. The diabetes pattern can come in your Personal Year too. And if you don’t take extra precautions, your doctor would be strongly advising you to take preventive medications and go for regular checkups, before your health conditions get worst And that means unnecessary money spent. Why not save the money to attend my future workshop for a lifelong skill instead!

Next year (2011), the urge to take more sugary food is high. There would be more sweet food, desserts and cakes introduced to tempt the sweet tooth in you. And with the festive season coming in the next few weeks, these sweet desserts may just be too tempting to ignore.

Enjoy yourself and eat what you like… but take it in moderation. Remember, excessive indulgence of sweet temptations may increase your waistline and medical fees too.

What about the diabetes tendency pattern? I will provide more details later, probably in future EON workshop sessions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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