What’s in 1-1-7?

So you have the 1-1-7 pattern in your chart, and seeking to know more about your traits from Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective? Worry not, as you have come to the right place to seek alternative views to know more about yourself, or someone else with the 1-1-7 pattern present in their charts.

Now, imagine this scenario and assuming you have the 1-1-7 pattern in your chart – you often need to talk to yourself a few times to reassure what you are about to say (or communicate) is okay, before you present to others. What does that make you? Are you the kind of person who’s unsure what you are about to say is not what you wanted to say, in the presence of others? Are you often feeling insecure and lacked the confidence to say things out from your mind, and preferred to practise the speech a few times before the presentation to ensure what you’re about to say is politically correct? Or you are frequently saying things that contradicted what you said previously – the turnaround effect? Perhaps, it’s the fear that your public personality is seen differently by others, and not exactly the way you had always wanted to portray?

In short, that’s just one of the many associations I could relate immediately when I looked at the 1-1-7 pattern, from a different perspective. If you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, or have completed numerology courses conducted by other trainers, you might find the approach I have taken to interpret the 1-1-7 pattern is unique and distinctive. From a basic and beginner’s perspective, we could correlate the 1-1-7 pattern as [Alone – Alone – Supporter]. In a way, the “Alone – Alone” is like two lonely but proud people with two different mental extreme thoughts, communicating together. It created the unnecessary worries over the left or right, yes or no, to do or not to do, and sure or unsure feelings. It presented the insecurities, the lack of confidence, the uncertainty, the pondering or hesitations, and the unfounded fears about you – non-synchronising your inner and outer self – and how you communicate or express to others. You stand tall and proud, overshadowing the feeble you. Because of this slight pausing (unsure) or hesitating moments before you took action, you often missed many good opportunities (1+1+7= 9 (success)). On the one hand, you feel regretful, blaming yourself, or becoming uncooperative and inhibitive. On the other hand, you started accusing others of blemishing your personality and the character assassination – they misinterpreting your words, and the untruths about you.

Some celebrities and politicians do have the 1-1-7 pattern in their birth charts, like the current US President Donald Trump, and Tom Cruise. From this old CNN Entertainment article “18 stars who are honest about their insecurities,” people like Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Robert Pattinson, Chris Evans, and a few others, were feeling insecure about themselves previously. And from an extended EON perspective, these people have similar insecurity traits of the 1-1-7 pattern (complete or partial, or from element grouping).

That’s all for now on the 1-1-7 pattern. I hope you have learned something useful in this short article, even if you don’t have the 1-1-7 pattern in your chart. If you have the FEON+ software, try plotting their charts and analyse their personalities, perhaps looking from the paparazzi perspective to identify their characters, qualities, and traits. Record down your analysis and build the profiling knowledge, and understand why people could behave differently from their public and private lives.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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