What’s in 2017 so far?

Believe it or not, many of the events happening so far for this year is “in” the elements and numbers present in the year 2017. You can consider it as coincidence, speculative, assumption, or factual. Whatever it is, there are tendency signs that we could identify easily once we have acquired the EON fundamentals and profiling techniques.

Let’s review some of the past incidents that happened this year so far. One of my favourite topics is on the workplace safety and health (WSH) aspect, mainly influenced by my earlier WSH/OSH work experience in the ’80s. Today, WSH concerns everyone, and not just something you should worry or adhered to only when you are working in factories and construction sites. Anyway, if you have been following my articles for a while, and read my “Numerological Predictive Observations 2017” (NPO2017) article, you’d have noticed I had stated, “fall from heights” and “slip & fall” in the accompanying graphic image. And in the Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s article, “Vehicular-related incidents and Falls continued to be the top causes of workplace fatalities” in the first half of 2017. You can also check on the “Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Report” infographic chart from this link too. Thankfully, while it may not be fatal for many people, “slip and fall” could happen anywhere, anytime, and any place. So be careful even if you are walking around at shopping centres or malls, supermarkets, food outlets, markets, offices, roads, and at home. Be cautious when you have the 1-7, 1-9, 6-9, or 6-7 in your Personal Year 2017 chart. Take precautions when the such number combination is present and displayed in the Year, Month, or Day pillars on the FEON+ software.

The next incident is something that no one likes – excessive flooding and weather irregularities. Sadly, people living in countries like Hong Kong, USA (in Houston), and other areas are not spared in recent months. The torrential rains, hurricanes, typhoons are extremely strong and present this year. And we might expect more to come, especially during the winter season when there are heavy snow and excessive chilly weather.

Another area of concern that I have highlighted in my NPO2017 article was on the global impact – the use of hydrogen-like bombs. Fortunately, there weren’t any real H-bomb launches by North Korea yet, but the signs are present. The thought on everyone’s mind is “when, and not if,” and its threat (by North Korea) can be real, regrettable, and destructive when complacency and tension are not managed well. Incidentally, you might want to read my earlier article “Relationships: North Korea & USA, and others” for their “relationship” details.

Go and check my NPO2017 article and correlate the incidents indicated in the NPO2017 graphic image. Such incidents can happen anywhere, and need not necessarily be constrained to Singapore only, as my forecast is on its effect on global communities.

It’s all in the numbers, and the elemental representations present in the 2017 charts. While there are more flooding and torrential rains this year, we might see a reverse trend next year, with more unusual drought, fire, heat wave, explosion, or dry/hot weather in 2018. In short, it’s all about “temperature rising.” What this implies is that some countries might experience such dry weather from as early as in the later months of this year. Every year, and for the past few years, I have posted the “Numerological Predictive Observations” on 1st January of the year. I will post the 2018 edition on 1/1/2018 and will share more signs for next year. Until then, do be mindful of the tendency signs stated in my NPO2017 article.

Understanding the EON fundamentals is important, to enable you to identify and analyse numbers and charts from a broader perspective. And this does not constrain, restrict, or limit you to look at number patterns related to a person only.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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