What’s Coming Soon – FEN Workshop?

I’d faced two key areas that created some challenges for me sometime back. One, my previous two partners who’d helped me while they were out-of-jobs a few years ago have since found new careers, which require frequent overseas trips. They could no longer spare the time to be at the Frontline, organising and coordinating the courses while I focused on the trainings. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both Daniel and Wang for helping me as much as they could, and I wished them wonderful and successful career paths ahead. In view of the situations, I’ve closed the EON INSPIRE company as it doesn’t make financial sense to upkeep the company alone, in view of the local business statutory requirements.

Secondly, I’m also glad my personal “extended year-long” project has completed and officially came to closure last month in August 2017. I’d to reserve the weekends during the project period, to avoid making unnecessary disruptions and class cancellations at the last minute. With the concerns of students’ precious time, I decided to withhold conducting classes during that period. I’d like to apologise to those who emailed me a few times, asking when I’ll be conducting the next class.

Nothing was on pause mode as I’d made use of the free time to continue my EON research, and exploring new angles of analysing the charts. That’s one reason why some of you might notice changes in my profiling approach in recent case study articles. Anyhow, now that I’m back and on my own, it’s time to kick-start the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes.

Two options in mind:

  1. Continue the two-module classes – FEN (Basic) and FEN (Advanced) module. The Basic module is an extended classroom-style lesson based on the EON fundamentals and personality profiling steps included in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” The Advanced module focused more on life path profiling, and included many extended theories based on the “Five Elements” principles, plus extended EON techniques. A 2-day weekend (Sat and Sun) lesson for each module.
  2. Introducing a single-module class. This would combine the best of the two modules into a single, 2-day weekend class. To avoid confusion, the single-module class would be known as FEN WORKSHOP. There would be some tradeoff – less of the basics and more on the advanced theories. Users keen on acquiring the basic theories can always get a copy of my book, read, and practice. Furthermore, many interested users who desired to learn the EON techniques would have already attended courses (like PON, UCMHP, LQ) conducted by other trainers. This means I can spend less time to revise the basics (like plotting of charts and interpreting them), and maximise the rest of the sessions to share and impart the extended EON/FEN theories and applications. Overseas users who are free over the weekend, can attend my class in Singapore. I can use the same FEN Workshop syllabus to conduct similar courses in another country, when opportunities arise.

There’s no compromise in the syllabus for the FEN Workshop compared with the two-module classes, except having fewer practical exercises by students. In fact, I’ll be sharing more techniques at the workshop – meaning you get to learn new discoveries not shared or taught in earlier classes. Anyway, students are always encouraged to email me anytime for free advice – a continuing journey of their lifelong learning experience.

As time is of essence to everyone, I’ll start with the FEN Workshop first since it’s more practical for me to organise a single, 2-day weekend (Sat-Sun) class. And since I’m on my own, I can organise the FEN Workshop on an on-demand basis, and at a reasonable course fee.

I’ve recently signed up for a new mobile line. It would primarily be used as a personalised initiative to interact with FEN students who could email or WhatsApp me should they seek answers or need advice, or share their discoveries.

I’ve terminated the hosting for the www.EON-Inspire.com site with the closure of the company, and set up my own domain, www.RonWZSun.com for a start. It’s still in a work-in-progress state currently.

I’m also evaluating the usefulness of the cashless payment method, like the recent “mobile wallet” initiatives by the local DBS bank on their “PayLah!” services. In the meantime, I have created an “EON Appreciation” payment link for those who likes to contribute to my works, loves reading my articles, and benefiting from them. You can scan the below PayLah! QR Code or click/tap on this link to donate any amount.


No matter how much your donation is, it could help offset the maintenance of this website, and the time spent on writing articles, and perhaps, pay for a decent lunch occasionally. Furthermore, I also need to know if the PayLah! payment service could be used later as a viable payment method for the FEN Workshop course too. If it works well, the course fees could be cheaper via the PayLah! Payment as there isn’t any commission unlike the PayPal method.

Lastly, I have not decided on the FEN Workshop fees yet, as there is logistics checklist that I need to act and confirm, including the classroom rentals, course materials, and payment methods.

If you are keen on attending the FEN Workshop around late October to early November 2017 period, email me to SunTzu2796@gmail.com to register now.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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