On Mavis’ Career and Childbirth

In a recent email to me, John asked, “My friend, Mavis, wants to know if she can be a Property Agent. And if she can be one, when would be the ideal period to start?

My reply to John, “Can work as Property Agent but first need to increase her experience and knowledge. There might be two people competing with her too. So the best is for her to work with someone or a mentor who has a certain number in their chart. Not advisable to work as a Property Agent. However, if she insisted, then be prepared to spend time on building knowledge and withstand the frustration.

Real Estate agents, realtors, and property agents – we could associate their career with the number 5 since building, construction, office and shop rentals, and housing is generally related to the Earth element.

While working in any career is good for anyone, it all depends on the person. There are cases of what I’d called as “job mismatched” where a person loses interest almost immediately, and feels like leaving the company or working in another career line after a few weeks. Mavis can work as a Property Agent, and she can do it well. However, the journey from the beginning to eventually becoming a successful Property Agent, could be longer than usual. Along this journey, she might face obstacles, like colleagues taking advantage of her, prospective customers giving false hopes, and working extra hard to confirm smaller deals.

If Mavis is ready to withstand the “hardship” and be willing to put aside office politicking, she needs to start from the beginning – build up the foundation (like legal rules, and understanding market situations), learn the ropes, and specialised in certain aspects, like dealing only with commercial leasing or rentals, or homes. Gain the experience and skill sets, before venturing out and expanding into other property areas.

In extended EON principles, I don’t usually look at the “Career / Business” table displayed on the FEON+ chart, as these are the general types of business or career based on the Root number of a person’s birth chart. In Mavis’ case, the Earth element is indicated as the second suitable element, meaning she can work within an industry related to the Earth element, like Property Agent.

One major difference why my Elements of Numbers (EON) method is unlike others (like PON, UCMHP, etc.) and as the EON name also indicated, is that I’m focusing and applying the Five Elements principles into my EON profiling method. As a result, I have more ways and options to look at a person’s chart and need not be constrained by the westerly approach of just looking at numbers and a series of closely-linked numbers which we called as number patterns.

While understanding other Western human behavioural methods (like Enneagram, DISC, MBTI, etc.) is good and I do encouraged, it could not provide extra clues to a person’s inner character. The reason is very simple – these westerly methods are based loosely on the assumptions of the “I think I’m like that, so I must be like that” mentality during the process of answering the multiple-choice questions (MCQ) profiling test. Many westerly systems tend to use MCQ test to determine a person’s likelihood characteristics and segregate them into identifiable stereotyped groups. There’s nothing wrong with these Western systems – in fact, they are useful and handy, and allows a simple way to identify a person’s attitude, thinking, perspectives, and possible actions, based on the type of structured questions asked.

The Five ElementsThe Five Elements principles used in EON rely on different rules, just like the debates on Western medicine versus Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While the Western method focuses on the symptom (like suppressing the headache), TCM focuses on the root cause causing the symptom to surface (like finding out what might have caused the headache – digestion, stress, pain, etc.) In general, most PON and UCMHP trainers and students tend to use the Western approach of analysing a person’s chart, focusing on numbers and its patterns, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Elements of Numbers (EON) method and Five Elements Numerology (FEN) applications are using a similar TCM-approach of root-cause analysing and elemental profiling – more clues from wider perspectives!

Now, back to Mavis’ career. The approach to determine the suitable type of business or career a person can work with, is inadequate as a person’s dominant character does change over time, due to the continuing flow of influencing energies from external forces, including the Personal Year vibes. The Career Element in EON/FEN methods, are again, based on the Five Elements principles.

Many people found the Five Elements theories too profound and difficult to comprehend. I know that as I experienced them personally – I was confused too especially being an English-educated person who can’t read or write Chinese beyond a few words. I started having a keen interest to equip myself with proper, certified knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics in 2004. Among the subjects that I studied is Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) and attended various Basic-to-Master courses conducted by at least five Masters – each of them specialising in certain aspects. Even until today, I noticed many Bazi Masters, professional Bazi consultants, and Bazi students alike, are still debating about their interpretations being the correct version, and having different conclusions on the favourable and unfavourable elements. To me, the approach of identifying the favourable or unfavourable elements, while good, are not sustainable, just like the LifeCode pattern that many PON students are aware of. It could be detrimental at times, when favourable energies became excessively strong. Everything, and just like consuming our food and drinks, has to be done in moderation to have a harmonious and almost-balanced outcome.

I introduced the Visualisation Profiling technique in my earlier EON Workshop, and then to the FEN classes (with improved versions), as I realised the easiest and fastest way to forge a person’s memory permanently is to unlock and utilise their Five sensessight, smell, touch, sound, and taste – as visual clues for profiling.

Separately, John also asked, “Mavis is planning to have a baby next year. How can we analyse that from the charts displayed on the FEON+ software?

Another topic that I’ll be sharing in the coming FEN WORKSHOP class is the steps to identify the Baby element, and how to determine which period (Year, Month, or Day) is suitable for smooth delivery. I’ll also share my observations on identifying signs of complications (perhaps C-sections) and miscarriage. While these observations are not definite or conclusive, it provides relevant indicative clues to the people who sought my profiling advice previously. You might want to read out my articles posted here on childbirth and including, “designer baby.”

In EON profiling, we also look at the first-trimester period for clues that might affect the conception stage. We also need to check on the mother’s health too. For Mavis, the childbirth tendencies for this year and next year have different indications. These and more, will be shared with my students in the FEN WORKSHOP class.

Click this link for the FEN WORKSHOP details. Put aside the views you’d after attending the PON/UCMHP courses previously. You’ve read many of my articles and you’ll be learning from me personally – click here for some reasons. Register now if you haven’t already done so.

To those who’ve already registered for the coming FEN WORKSHOP class, thanks for the support. I’ll see you in class!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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